Lakers Free Agency Rumors: Rajon Rondo Among 3 Names LA ‘Focused On’

Rajon Rondo Lakers Free Agency Rumors

Getty Rajon Rondo of the Los Angeles Lakers directs his teammates.

After a quiet first day of free agency that saw a number of the Lakers’ free agency targets go off the board on fairly large deals, the Lakers’ list of top targets outside of Kawhi Leonard is starting to dwindle.

However, there are still a number of talented players available on the free agent market and with the available pool of money shrinking by the hour, the Lakers could be able to still land some quality role players on extremely team-friendly deals.

Lakers Free Agency Rumors: Rajon Rondo Among 3 Names LA ‘Focused on’

The Lakers’ primary target has been and remains to be Kawhi Leonard in free agency and the Lakers are attempting to pull out all the stops in order to convince The Klaw to join forces with LeBron James and Anthony Davis to create an incredibly talented big three. However, they need high-quality role players to fill in around those three (and Kyle Kuzma) leading them to be rumored to focus on high IQ veterans like Rajon Rondo, Danny Green, and Kyle Korver.

All three would be an excellent fit with the Lakers, Rondo in particular. Rondo has experience playing with both Davis and James – he actually helped to unlock the deadliest version of Anthony Davis the NBA has seen thus far. While his own physical ability on the defensive end isn’t the same as it once was, his IQ and ability to help quarterback a defense with Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis should make for one of the scariest units in the entire league.

When you factor in other free agents like Danny Green or Kyle Korver who can both shoot the cover off the ball, the Lakers actually look like an extremely dangerous team that is simply missing a true center to round out the roster. Danny Green is giving off the indication that he wants to follow Kawhi wherever he goes in free agency so if the Lakers land Leonard, there is a good chance that Green comes with.

Lakers Kawhi Leonard Rumors, Updates, and Predictions

Kawhi currently seems to be starting up his due diligence on each of the teams he is considering – the Lakers, Clippers, and Raptors. While not in a rush to make a decision, Leonard understands he can’t afford to wait too long otherwise he risks handicapping the ability of whatever team he signs with to surround him with competent role players. While it would be unlikely to expect a deal to be done today, having something in place by Tuesday night or Wednesday isn’t out of the question to expect.

By all accounts, the Lakers seem to be the media favorite for Leonard as most outlets and analysts (outside of Adrian Wojnarowski) feel that the Lakers have an excellent chance to create a big three. Leonard initially asked for a trade to LA from the Spurs last year and with his job done in Toronto and a choice of either LA team to pick from, it will likely come down to which LA team can offer Leonard the better pitch.

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