Colin Cowherd Makes Absurd Comparison With Browns, Baker Mayfield

Getty Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield finished with a perfect QB rating.

It was only a matter of time until Colin Cowherd ripped into Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns for the QB’s epic beer chug over the weekend.

Predictably, the FS1 host didn’t enjoy watching Mayfield having a little harmless fun and thinks it’s a bigger problem than one viral beer chug.

Cowherd thinks that the “frat house” vibe put out by Mayfield is going to be what consumes the team and derails Cleveland’s season.

Turns out the Cleveland Indians saw the future in their initial tweet that mocked a potential Cowherd segment.

Here’s all of what Cowherd had to say:

“Cleveland and Baker Mayfield feel like the NFL’s best fraternity house and Omega Delta Baker is a hell of a frat,” Cowherd said. “Best parties, best beer chuggers, a lot of Alpha, and the funniest guys. But like the Browns, the plumbing hasn’t worked at that frat house in over 20 years and I’d never ever want to live there. You know when the best week to be in a frat house is? Rush Week. No big midterms yet, no finals yet, the front door is still on its hinges, they’re throwing the best parties, the weather is perfect, and nobody has been thrown out yet. And it’s rush week at the NFL’s best fraternity house, right. Of course, the frat house is not where you want to be during finals week, otherwise known as January in the NFL. That’s when the Steelers and Patriots flourish. You don’t want to be the best frat house during finals week.”

He even commended Mayfield on his chugging ability, while throwing shade at the entire city.

“Baker was a little too good at that beer chugging, and a little too good for my franchise quarterback who is 1-5 against winning teams. But it’s Cleveland, so of course they loved it.”

Cowherd wasn’t alone in his criticism. In a segment on Tuesday, Rob Parker ripped into Mayfield and the Browns.

“It’s amateur hour and frat boy central. People can have a good time but people have to remember you always represent the organization and the camera is always on you. It’s not a good look to kids. There is a certain responsibility you have as a face of the franchise.”

Baker Mayfield’s Chug Well Received By Freddie Kitchens

If Freddie Kitchens was asked about Cowherd’s opinion he’d likely say: he doesn’t wear brown and orange, so he doesn’t matter.

Kitchens commended Mayfield for his bite-and-chug ability.

“It was very impressive,” Kitchens said with a smile. “I’d be worried about my tooth.”

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He was then asked if he could pull it off, quickly responding with a “no” telling reporters he doesn’t drink beer anymore — which wasn’t quite the truth.

“That’s a lie,” Kitchens said, drawing giggles from the media scrum. “I told you all I wouldn’t lie. That’s a lie.”

Baker Mayfield’s Beer Chug Paid Off Big For Miller Lite

The beer chug not only quenched Mayfield’s thirst, it also proved to be a big boon for the beer company involved.

The Action Network’s Darren Rovell noted that the beer Mayfield tossed back was Miller Lite, which is obscured by foam for most of the clip. Rovell came up with a figure that was quite surprising associated with Baker’s chug.

“$3.37 million: Value for Miller Lite so far, in social, television, online news and digital from (Baker Mayfield) shotgunning the beer at the Indians game yesterday.”


Rovell cited Apex Marketing — an analytics company that analyzes sports and entertainment sponsorships — for the number.

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