Cowboys Legend Emmitt Smith on Le’Veon Bell: ‘You Can’t Compare Him to Me’

Le'Veon Bell Jets

Getty Le'Veon Bell #26 of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first half of the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

Emmitt Smith wants everyone to know that Le’Veon Bell is nothing like him.

For those keeping score at home: Bell is now a member of the New York Jets after sitting out all of last season.

Smith, a Dallas Cowboys legend was asked if he would ever sit out an entire season like Bell did last season when he was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Smith made it clear that he and Bell cannot be mentioned in the same sentence as him.

“You can’t compare him to me,” Smith, an NFL Hall-of-Famer told Voice of the Fans’ Cameron Buford.

“So, we got different things. Everyone wants to compare this to that to try to draw their own conclusion which is false. That is what I would call negative or false information. There is nothing similar about my situation, nor Zeke’s situation or Melvin Gordon’s situation. So, you can’t even compare it, although the press would love to. But the reality is there is a distinct difference between what they’re doing and what I have done. If you dig deeper you will find out that I was never a holdout, although the propaganda said I was a holdout. But the reality of the fact is my contract was fully fulfilled and negotiated. When you don’t have a contract and you are unemployed all you can do is negotiate.”

Negotiate he did!

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Emmitt Smith’s Contract Negotiations

In 1993, Smith negotiated the largest contract for a running back. In fact, Smith got a four year, $13.6 million deal.

Bell and Smith’s situations were very different, and the Jets running back has been vocal about a few different things in comparison to the Cowboys legend.

Smith also weighed in on Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott, the NFL’s leading rusher has held out from Cowboys training camp and the NFL’s preseason.

Emmitt Smith Talks Ezekiel Elliott Holdout

If you’re keeping score at home: Elliott has two years remaining on his rookie contract and is scheduled to make a base salary of $3.8 million this season.

He will make $9.09 million in 2020 on that deal. Elliott had until August 7th to earn his benefits for this season.

“I think the Cowboys should pay him,” Emmitt Smith also told Cameron Buford.

“I think if you look at the scheme of things where things are today, leverage is the most important thing that we all have. You lose leverage, you lose opportunity. The Cowboys have leverage, they are going to lessen your opportunity. So, you have to strike while the iron is hot. There are so many options that the Cowboys have that he doesn’t have. Everyone in the world wants to talk about what he should do because they are not in his position. As a former player when are in that position when you have leverage you need to take advantage of the opportunity. I think people are going to test how far he is willing to go like they did with Le’Veon Bell. How far are you willing to go.”

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