WATCH: Nationals 2B Brian Dozier Rips Off Shirt & Dances at D.C. Parade

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As the Washington Nationals returned to D.C. and held their World Series Championship Parade on Saturday, second baseman Brian Dozier won the prize for partying the hardest.

After the ceremony finished, in which Manager Mike Rizzo, Manager Davey Martinez, and World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg gave speeches, Dozier streaked across the stage while dancing to “Calma.” At on moment, Dozier grabbed the microphone and said, “My wife is going to kill me,” but continued on dancing half naked while holding the Commissioner’s Trophy.

No word yet on Dozier’s wife Renee Hrappman Dozier’s response to her husband’s live striptease. The couple welcomed their first child together just before the post-season began. In August, Renee gave birth to a daughter.

Brian Dozier and his wife Renee Dozier

‘Calma’ Was the Nationals Unofficial Theme Song Before ‘Baby Shark’ In 2019

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Before “Baby Shark” became the Nationals new official theme song, it was “Calma” by Pedro Capo, featuring Farruko. Dozier, who’s originally from Mississippi, wanted to learn Spanish in order to clearly communicate with many of his teammates, and he did it through listening to Spanish tunes, and teammate Anibal Sanchez, starting pitcher for the Nationals, introduced him to “Calma.”

Dozier told The Washington Post, “A way for me to learn more Spanish and interact is through music, Spanish songs. We have some Latinos obviously on the team, and so they let me know the number ones out and stuff, the best songs to dance to listen to. And so I just go and try to learn it, and you learn words through that way.”

This is far for the first time Dozier has danced shirtless in celebration to “Calma.” When the Nationals clinched the NL Wild Card game on September 24, an amazing video of him celebrating with his teammates and singing along with the Spanish words went viral.

Sean Doolittle, relief pitcher for the Nationals said of the catchy tune, “I don’t really know what they’re saying, but I love the energy, and it gets everybody in the clubhouse going, gets everybody dancing. I think we’re lucky to have guys like [Gerardo] Parra, Aníbal, Fernando [Rodney], these guys that have come here and changed the culture in the clubhouse and got a lot of guys in here to kind of loosen up and play the game with a little bit more fun, to be honest.”

The song was so regularly played in the team clubhouse, Capo even made a visit to Nationals Park during the World Series.

Dozier Was Actually Shirtless During the Entire Parade

Even thought it was only 54 degrees outside in Washington D.C., Dozier remained without a shirt throughout the entire Nationals Parade on Saturday. But fans really didn’t expect anything less from Dozier.

Dozier  Appeared to Be Drunk Before the Ceremony On Stage Started

While the bar for partying has been set pretty high in D.C. after the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018, Dozier’s attempt to match that level of debauchery is applauded by Nationals fans.

After all, it is a celebration, and it’s the first time in franchise history that the Nationals won the world championship.

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