Eagles-Cowboys Rivalry: Why Philly Takes the Crown Over Dallas

Lane Johnson

Getty There is no love lost between Eagles tackle Lane Johnson and the hated Dallas Cowboys.

It’s Day 4 of Dallas Week in Philadelphia. Which means the rivalry is only going to continue heating up from here.

The Philadelphia Eagles are fighting for their playoff lives this weekend against the franchise’s most-hated rival. While the Cowboys own the all-time series 69-52, there is plenty of hope and optimism.

Mainly, well, because Philly is simply better than Dallas. A new chapter to the Philadelphia-Dallas rivalry will be written on Sunday at 4:25 p.m. Be ready to yell.

“It’s going to be whatever we make it,” Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said. “We show up and lay an egg, it’ll be the loudest boos we’ve heard since I’ve been here. We show up and play some ball and I think it’ll be rocking.”

Eagles-Cowboys: Why Philly is Better Than Dallas

A Famous Philadelphian Created  ‘America’s Team’

Did you know the Cowboys received their moniker of “America’s Team” by a tried-and-true Philadelphian? It’s a fact. The awkward name was given to them in 1978 by famed NFL Films narrator John Facenda, aka the “Voice of God.” He used the line in an off-script moment that stuck to introduce Cowboys highlights:

They appear on television so often that their faces are as familiar to the public as presidents and movie stars. They are the Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team”.

Want to rub it in Dallas’ fans faces even more? The founder of NFL Films, Ed Sabol, is also a Philly native who met Facenda in a local bar and encouraged the legendary voice-over to take the gig.

Cowboys Ran Up the Score on Scab Players

The year was 1987 and the NFL was on strike. Except in Dallas where several players, including QB Danny White and RB Tony Dorsett, crossed the picket line to play football. Meanwhile, Philadelphia had a squad comprised solely of replacement players and when the two teams met, well, it got heated.

The Cowboys ran up the score and even took their starters out and then put them back in despite the game already being out of hand at 41-10. Two months later — after the strike had ended — the Eagles returned the favor by faking a kneel-down and tacking on an extra touchdown in a 37-20 win.

Cowboys Cut the Legendary Randall Cunningham

Yes, it was toward the tail end of his career but they did cut one of the greatest Eagles of all-time. Cunningham played one season in Dallas after he was signed to serve as Troy Aikman’s backup in 2000. He eventually took the starting reins due to injury and the team finished at 5-11. He even dueled it out with Donovan McNabb.

But it wasn’t pretty and The Ultimate Weapon was old. However, the Cowboys did Cunningham a disservice by voiding the final year on his two-year contract and kicking him to the curb in favor of Tony Banks.

They Think God Watches Them Play Football

Surely God enjoys watching good football, right? Cowboys fans are adamant there is a hole in the roof of their stadium because one of their linebackers once proclaimed: “Texas Stadium has a hole in its roof, so God can watch His favorite team play.”

The reality is the hole was left there because plans to build a retractable roof were scrapped due to poor technology. Meanwhile, Lincoln Financial Field became the first NFL stadium to install a Sensory Room for fans with autism.

They Thought Someone Put a Bounty on Luis Zendejas

Of all the players, it was rumored that former Eagles coach Buddy Ryan put a bounty on kicker Luis Zendejas in the infamous “Bounty Bowl” at Texas Stadium in 1989. He had played in Philadelphia the previous year and fell out of favor with Ryan. The coach was accused of placing a $200 bounty on both Zendejas and Troy Aikman as the bizarre incident led to a rematch dubbed “Bounty Bowl 2” in Philadelphia. Ryan always laughed at the assertion and the NFL later cleared the Eagles of any wrong-doing.

What’s the Deal with the Stupid Blue Star?

The blue star plastered on the Cowboys’ helmets, field, apparel — and everything in Dallas, really — first popped up in 1960 and was meant to pay a state-wide tribute to the Lone Star State in Texas. The color blue has been described as symbolizing “excellence, power, perseverance, purity, strength, and integrity,” according to the website 1000 Logos.

That certainly sounds made up. However, the star has been at the center of some great moments and controversies in NFL history, most notably when Terrell Owens openly mocked it and celebrated on it.

Terrell Owens Celebrates on Dallas Star and Gets HIT2000 49ers vs Cowboys week 42017-11-14T04:07:19.000Z

Skip Bayless Cheers For the Cowboys

He’s one of the most insufferable and idiotic sports talkers on the national airwaves — and he raises his boot spikes proudly for the Cowboys. Skip Bayless is constantly offering up scathing “hot takes” on Carson Wentz’s deficiencies and failures while glorifying the (normally, not this year) sub-par play of Dak Prescott.

His absurd act is nauseating. Earlier this year, Bayless called the Eagles the “most overrated team” in football while starting a war of words with DeSean Jackson. Time will tell the outcome on his prediction, but the Texas loud-mouth will always be annoying. Just like Dallas.

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