Former Redskins Fans Detail Switch Into Ravens Fans

Ravens vs. Redskins

Getty The Ravens and Redskins go head to head.

The sports scene in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area is a complicated thing for folks who are devoted Washington Redskins fans right now.

With the team embroiled in losing and controversy, many long time fans have decided to make the switch from the NFC’s Redskins to the AFC’s Baltimore Ravens, even if the decision isn’t that cut and dry and is actually pretty painful. The Ravens have been more successful lately and the Redskins are currently trapped in mediocrity. That fact has made it pretty easy for several folks to move on and switch sides.

Recently, a great in-depth piece by Scott Allen of the Washington Post explored some folks that have had enough with the Redskins. Here’s a look at just a few of the quotes as to why that’s the case:

“Jason Simmons decided enough was enough Oct. 7, when Washington Redskins team president Bruce Allen told a group of reporters that the organization’s culture was “actually damn good” at a news conference to announce coach Jay Gruden’s firing.

“That was the last straw for me,” said Simmons, a 38-year-old lifelong Redskins fan who grew up in Bowie, Md., and now lives in Cincinnati. “How can you be so obtuse and blind?”

Dominique Nelson cut ties with his favorite team last December, when the Redskins fired their president of business operations after less than eight months on the job.

“It had been multiple things, from [Robert Griffin III] and the Scot McCloughan fiasco to the Kirk Cousins contract,” said the 33-year-old IT specialist, who, like Simmons, was raised in a Redskins-obsessed household in Prince George’s County. “It was just like chipping away, chipping away, chipping away. That was it. I said, ‘I can’t do it anymore.’”

The piece goes on to detail several stories of Redskins fans making the jump to the Ravens. Ironically enough, it’s not merely young fans making the move, as the story of a 60 year old fan who also made the switch is documented.

Clearly, plenty of folks are beginning to get fed up and make the switch to a winning team that is more fun to watch than the Redskins.

Redskins Recent Troubles

Despite spending big in recent years under owner Daniel Snyder, the Redskins have not been able to sniff the same type of success and consistency that the Ravens have. They’ve blown through coaches and general managers and have struggled to maintain a winning culture. Some would maintain this comes from the ownership, as well as the presidency of Bruce Allen.

This season, the Redskins have bottomed out in a big way and are a disappointing 3-10 on the season. That frustration, when compared with the joy in Baltimore over the 11-2 Ravens, is like night and day. It’s not that many Redskins fans are traitors, but rather, they are fed up and want to make a statement. Plus, it seems likely they are sick of watching losing football.

Add it all up and it’s clear many folks would rather not deal with the Redskins and all their problems anymore.

Ravens Super Bowl History

The Ravens have a chance to make some serious noise in 2019 thanks to their solid start, and if they are able to get back to their Super Bowl roots, it will become the third time the team has taken home a Lombardi Trophy. The 2000 Ravens managed to cruise to the title with defense, and the 2012 Ravens shocked plenty of folks to take home Super Bowl XLVII with their solid teamwork.

With the team coming back to relevance behind an exciting young quarterback and a defense which is also playing well, fans will undoubtably see parallels between this squad and some of Baltimore’s better teams of the past. All it takes to invigorate a fanbase is a winning team with captivating personalities.

Baltimore’s Super Bowl winners of the past have had these elements in spades. Names like Ray Lewis, Tony Siragusa, Shannon Sharpe, Haloti Ngata and certainly Torrey Smith himself come to mind as examples of Super Bowl winning players who have made a statement in the city.

Will names like Jackson, Earl Thomas and Marquise Brown join them? Fans should be excited to watch and see, and certainly, fans from both sides will be fired up to see what happens.

Once upon a time, the Redskins had a proud Super Bowl history, but over the past few decades, that’s gone out the window leaving plenty to search for more.

Until the Redskins get things together, there could be plenty of spots filling up fast on the Ravens bandwagon.

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