Lions Playoff Victory Drought Ranks High Amongst NFL’s Worst

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford leaves the field after a playoff loss.

The Detroit Lions hope to see many games in the NFL playoffs in their future, but even in the seasons that they have managed to crack the postseason, they haven’t done any meaningful winning.

Strangely enough, however, they don’t have the longest current drought in the league in terms of a playoff win. That belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals, who haven’t won a playoff game since 1990. The Lions last playoff win came in 1991 against the Dallas Cowboys at home.

Obviously, the Buffalo Bills are one of the next teams on the list, and in terms of this group, they are the squad that looks like they can break through and do the biggest amounts of winning in the future.

Detroit still has a ways to go, but the good news is, they don’t have the worst drought at the very least.

Lions Playoff History

The Lions have been one of the more miserable teams historically when it comes to the playoffs. Detroit, as the tweet points out, hasn’t won since 1991. It’s not just 1991, however. Prior to that win, the Lions hadn’t won a playoff game since 1957. They had lost three times combined in the 1970s and 1980s. They’ve had plenty of misfortune in the playoffs as well, losing games in heartbreaking fashion and blowout fashion as well.

Detroit last appeared in the playoffs in 2018, but quickly bowed out, losing to the Seattle Seahawks in close fashion. They haven’t been consistent enough through the years at both making the playoffs and also winning when they do manage to get there.

With Matt Patricia in the fold, the goal is to get to be a team that not only makes the playoffs consistently, but is able to deliver big wins when they get there.

Lions Biggest 2020 Free Agency Need is Defense

In order to get back into the playoffs, the Lions are going to need an infusion of talent, especially on defense. Detroit cannot pressure the quarterback meaningfully in 2019, and have struggled stopping the pass as well, something that has been painfully obvious for weeks and that is a glaring problem given what the team has done in the last few offseason periods. Part of the problem has been injury, but beyond Trey Flowers and Da’Shawn Hand, the Lions simply don’t have any young building blocks they can count on right now. The team has to find some form of consistency in the trenches, and that is why it’s a major need for them moving forward.

If free agency were to begin today, the Lions would undoubtably have to look at the defensive line and the backfield for potential upgrades, with another eye at linebacker. Having some extra money could help the team make some key additions there, and patch some of their other depth holes on the offensive side.

With some more upgrades in free agency and later the draft, the hope is the Lions can be a team to turn around their playoff misfortunes next.

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