Chiefs Defender is First of Four NFL Brothers to Make a Super Bowl

Kendall Fuller is one of four brothers with NFL experience, and the first to make a Super Bowl

Getty Kendall Fuller of the Kansas City Chiefs

While they may not be quite at the level of the Mannings, the Fuller name has become somewhat synonymous with the NFL. Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Kendall Fuller is the youngest of four brothers, each of which has spent time in the league. All four of the Fuller brothers sculped their game as student athletes at their alma mater Virginia Tech.

Kendall’s two oldest brothers, Vincent and Corey, are now out of the league but played 104 combined total games as professionals. Vincent played the majority of his NFL career with the Tennessee Titans, before bouncing around to the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots towards the end of his playing career.

Corey, on the other hand, played five years in the NFL as a member of the Lions and the New Orleans Saints. Kendall’s other brother, arguably the most notable Fuller at the moment, Kyle, is a former first-round pick and current two-time Pro Bowl cornerback for the Chicago Bears.

However, despite all the success of the Fullers before him, Kendall will make family history on Sunday, as he becomes the first Fuller to play in a Super Bowl.

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The Fuller Family is Ready For Their 1st Super Bowl

When Kendall Fuller was traded from the Washington Redskins to the Kansas City Chiefs as a centerpiece in the Alex Smith deal a few years back, he likely knew he was being shipped towards green pastures. However, coming up short of the grand prize for the second year in a row is apparently not going to slide with the youngest Fuller.

“AFC championship game last year, Super Bowl this year,” Fuller stated per The Roanoke Times. “We’re coming out on a mission and trying to get a championship.”

Fuller will apparently have no shortage of fans cheering him on in his journey to capture a Lombardi Trophy. “They’re all coming,” Kendall said, referring to his siblings and other family members.

Kendall Learned From the Fullers Before Him

While it’s evident that athletic prowess runs deep in the Fuller bloodline, Kendall didn’t make it to the pros without the help and guidance of all his brothers that paved the way before him. Kendall’s oldest brother Vincent spoke with TitansOnline to detail his joy for Kendall’s success but was also quick to point out the positive effects that his brothers had on him along the way.

“I’m proud of him,” Vincent said, when speaking about Kendall, “but I’m proud of all my brothers. I think back when I played, and when I worked to get to the league, the biggest thing for me was to set a good example. I never thought it would be possible to have all four of us play in the NFL. But I did want to show them, ‘This is what hard work can get you.’ And it can be in sports, in the classroom, doing something creative in the arts. Just being a hard worker and working on your craft can get you to whatever you want to achieve and more.

“For Kendall, he not only had me to look at, but he had Kyle, and he had Corey — he had his other brothers as well. So he saw that hard work can get you somewhere at an early age.”

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