Oprah Winfrey Responds to Outrage Towards Gayle King’s Interview with Lisa Leslie

After Neverland


CBS reporter Gayle King has received a lot of backlash after a clip of her interview with Los Angeles Sparks’ great Lisa Leslie on” CBS This Morning.” King, at the of her interview with Leslie, asked about Kobe Bryant’s 2003 sexual assault case, which was dismissed.

Her timing of the question after the recent passing of the Lakers’ legend and his 13-year daughter in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, led to outrage on social media. Most notably from Hip Hop Icon Snoop Dogg, who was a friend of Bryant’s.

“Gayle King, out of pocket for that s–t, way out of pocket,” he began his social media rant against the CBS anchor. “What do you gain from that? I swear to God, we the worst, we the f–king worst. We expect more from you, Gayle, don’t you hang out with Oprah?

“Why you all attacking us, we your people. You ain’t coming after f–king Harvey Weinstein asking him dumb-ass questions. I get sick of you all,” said Dogg via Page Six.

He would then turn his attention to King’s Oprah Winfrey. Snoop would post a picture on his Instagram of Winfrey and film producer Harvey Weinstein, who is currently on trial in New York for sexual assault.

Did that fake a** Micheal Jackson shit to tarnish his name with them lying ass kids, and here she is with a known rapist smiling and laughing. F*** u and Gayle. Free Bill Cosby,” said Snoop Dogg.

“Unbeknownst to me, my network put up a clip from a very wide-ranging interview, totally taken out of context, and when you see it that way, it’s very jarring,” she said.

A couple of hours after King’s response on Instagram, CBS News said they mishandled the promotion of the interview.

“Gayle conducted a thoughtful, wide-ranging interview with Lisa Leslie about the legacy of Kobe Bryant,” a network spokeswoman said via the New York Times. “An excerpt was posted that did not reflect the nature and tone of the full interview. We are addressing the internal process that led to this, and changes have already been made.”

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Oprah Winfrey Speaks out and Reveals King is Not Doing Well

Friday morning, Winfrey was a guest on TODAY with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager and shared that Gayle King was not doing well after the outrage from her interview with Leslie and has even received death threats.

“She is not doing well,” Winfrey said as she teared up. “She is not doing well because she now has death threats and has to now travel with security. She is feeling very much attacked.”

Winfrey would defend King by stating the clip was taken out of context.

“And in the context of the interview, everyone seemed fine, including Lisa Leslie and it was only because somebody at the network put up that clip and I can see how people would obviously be very upset if you thought that Gayle was just trying to press to get an answer from Lisa Leslie,” she continued. “But obviously all things pass, she will be okay, but she hasn’t slept in two days.”



She also referenced Bill Cosby’s Instagram post, Snopp Dogg’s Instagram video, and Boosie.

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