Scout on Giants Draft Target: ‘He Loves to Eat More Than He Loves Frigging Football’

Scout says Mekhi Becton loves food more than football


Mekhi Becton is a very, very large man. In a sport that is dominated by physical specimens, the former Louisville offensive tackle dwarfs the majority, if not all of them.

At this year’s NFL Combine, Becton checked in at 6-foot-7-inches, and 364-pounds, the heaviest player at the event. Still, he showcased movement skills that, at his size, have since bolstered him into becoming a potential top-10 pick in next week’s draft.

A man of that stature most likely has one hell of an appetite. While his towering size appears to be a plus to many evaluating him, one anonymous scout is not sold, evident by a recent tweet shared by Jordan Hecks of Sporting News.

Know why I have him [Becton] fifth (on his vote)? Because he loves to cook and eat more than he loves frigging football.

The Season of Absurd Takes

The NFL is an odd place, even more so in the months leading up to the draft. We’ve all heard the absurd questions prospects have been asked over the years from scouts and team personnel. Those same scouts and personnel tend to also overthink things, harping on minuscule factors that lead to future superstars falling through the cracks.

Oddly enough, this anonymous scout never points to Becton’s weight as an issue. From all accounts, the Louisville product is well put together and nowhere near sloppy. From the looks of things, the scout simply isn’t a fan of Becton’s culinary skills and interest in cooking.

NFL Souring on Becton?

As absurd as the scout’s take may be, there’s no denying that Becton’s star has seemed to take a hit over the past few weeks.

Just a few months ago, Becton was on nearly no one’s radar. That is, until NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah released his initial 2020 Mock Draft, pegging Becton to the New York Giants with the fourth-overall pick. Unsurprisingly, the fellow “draft experts” followed like sheep and fell in line with Jeremiah’s projections.

Becton has since been bunched into the group of four offensive tackles fighting to be the first lineman off the board come draft time, alongside Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills and Andrew Thomas.

However, as the allure of Becton’s combine performance has somewhat worn off, many have deemed the tackle as overrated. In fact, Pro Football Focus went as far as to say Becton has the potential of being the “biggest draft reach in recent memory.

The league is full of smoke and mirrors, and while it appears that Wirfs and Wills have entrenched themselves as the likely two top tackles on most boards, Becton still has a shot to hear his name called first come draft day, starting when the Giants get on the clock at pick number four. Plus, what better place for a foodie to land than New York?

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