Eagles Dissed in List of ‘Most Passionate’ Sports Fans

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Philadelphia fans have earned a mythical (read: unfair) reputation over the years. First and foremost, they have always been regarded as passionate.

Eagles fans are known to be brutally honest, faithful to a fault and extremely opinionated. Especially the intimidating holdovers from the famed 700 Level. But are the Philly rowdies the most passionate fan base in professional sports?

According to Forbes, Eagles fans rank fifth on the business magazine’s list of “America’s Most Passionate Sports Fans 2020.” Forbes looked at “concrete evidence” when picking the country’s most rabid fan bases, including television ratings, game attendance, merchandise sales and social media reach. Here is what they wrote:

TEAM OWNER & NET WORTH: Jeffrey Lurie ($2.7 billion)
TEAM VALUE: $3.05 billion
It takes a special breed of fan to merit two Hollywood movies, both of them blockbusters. The throng has made this franchise the most popular in Philadelphia, besting the Phillies, the 76ers and the Flyers.

They took into account every professional sports franchise in America, in all four major leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL). The Eagles were the only Philly franchise to make the list. No Phillies, Flyers or Sixers on it. The Green Bay Packers took the top spot, followed (in order) by the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles.

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Remembering the Famed 700 Level in Philly

If Forbes had conducted their research two decades ago, there is a good chance the Eagles would have topped the list. The famed “700 Level” at Veterans Stadium was the true and unapologetic representation of Philly’s blue-collar, never-say-die attitude. They threw snowballs at Santa Claus and booed the Cowboys’ Michael Irvin as he was carted off the field.

When the city tore down the Vet in 2004, a small piece of Philly toughness died forever. The new palaces across the street, at Lincoln Financial Field and at Citizens Bank Park, are beautifully-constructed stadiums with amazing sightlines. They lack the same home-field advantage, though.

Perhaps Bleacher Report put it best in a 2010 description of the 700 Level:

The Mecca for the ravenous fans was the “700 Level” of the old Veterans Stadium.

Upon entering the 700 level, one was greeted with the aroma of beer, pot, vomit and urine. God forbid you were an opposing team’s fan… there was a good chance you wouldn’t make it out alive. The 700 level was notorious for getting opposing fans removed from the section just for their safety!

The new stadiums for the Eagles and Phillies don’t have an equivalent of the 700 level at the Vet, they just allowed its former patrons to spread out around the entire stadium. They’re still just a notorious.

Super Bowl Champion Eagles Mock Saints Blog

Saints fans were ranked higher than Eagles fans, per Forbes. Interesting since the New Orleans football franchise was established nearly 34 years after Philadelphia. That’s a different debate.

On Wednesday, the Eagles and Saints got into a fun back and forth on social media following a tone-deaf post by the popular Saints blog Canal St. Chronicles. In it, they speculated about an alternate universe where the Minneapolis Miracle never happened. Here is what they wrote:

The Saints almost certainly would have beaten the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Title Game if the Minneapolis Miracle didn’t happen. In the immortal words of Alvin Kamara: “We’d beat the s–t out of the Eagles cause we was rolling.” The Saints were rolling at the time, having erased a 17 point deficit at halftime only to lose to the football gods for the first of three straight years.

Well, that 2017 Eagles team went on to win the most epic Super Bowl in NFL history. And some former players from that squad took issue with Canal St. Chronicles belittling their accomplishment, namely Torrey Smith and Chris Long.

Long specifically referenced the first sentence outlined above, too. He wasn’t having it.

Smith didn’t hold back, either. He said: “They would’ve came to Philly and got that ass WHOOPED.”

Sorry, Saints fans. You lost and the Eagles are still Super Bowl champions.

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