Patriots’ D-Lineman Makes Eye-Opening Statement on George Floyd Situation

Getty Beau Allen spoke on George Floyd situation

Tensions are high all around the United States as angry protests erupt in multiple cities following the senseless murder of African-American George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers.

The horrific video has generated reactions from people all over the world, and from nearly every leg of entertainment. The sports world has been especially vocal.

The Patriots’ recently signed defensive lineman and Minnesota native, Beau Allen took to social media to make this statement.

Beau Allen’s Statement

Allen wrote:

I usually keep things light on social media but watching the turmoil in my home state has compelled me to say something.

The video of George Floyd’s murder is horrific to watch.

Minorities have been speaking out about their experiences with racism for years. Their cries have gone largely unanswered — in 2020 PoC are still being murdered and those responsible aren’t properly being held accountable. I urge my white followers to join me in sharing this burden. Listen to their experiences. Believe them when they speak out & speak out with them.

If you are still unsure of how to help, especially from afar, I have donated to the following causes and posted them so you can join me in donating: Minnesota Freedom Fund,Reclaim the Block, Black Visions Collective, Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

It is important for people of all races, not just black people, and especially white people to recognize these injustices. As many are beginning to see, African-American men are primary targets by the lowest examples of law enforcement. Clearly, Allen and others like him would like to see this tendency changed.

If change is to occur, the support and acknowledgment of those who are not directly affected is needed.

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Other White Athletes Have Spoken Out

Thankfully, Allen isn’t the only non-African-American athlete to release a statement behind this awful injustice.

Allen’s former Philadelphia Eagles teammate Carson Wentz posted this message on social media:

It’s also important for those who cannot directly relate to acknowledge the disconnect, but yet still empathize with others who are in pain.

Former NFL QB and current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky wrote this revealing and sensational account of how sports helped him overcome the stereotypical concepts he’d been fed.

Some may wonder how this statement is related to the Floyd murders, but it’s pretty simple. The same kinds of racial stereotypes Orlovsky alluded to in his message fuel the sort of injustices that are all too common.

Other white athletes have also spoken out to voice their displeasure.

A very ugly side of this country is on full display currently. However, we can only hope and pray that healing and improvement rise out of the negativity.

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