EA Sports Skips Out on Julio Jones Joining Madden’s 99 Club

Julio Jones

Getty Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Last week Madden ’21 came out with its player ratings and Julio Jones received a 97. He doesn’t rank second amongst wide receiver, no he ranks third. When the leaks first came out, Jones had a very disrespectful rating of 96.

I have to share this with all of my Julio Jones fans out there or even football, but someone had tweeted a very underrated poll last week asking their followers if the makers of Madden watch film and 88% of the voters said no.

Madden has Michael Thomas as the No. 1 receiver on the game with a rating of 99. Right below him is DeAndre Hopkins with a 98.

Fox Sports NFL recently tweeted a possible watch list for the 99 Club and whoever runs the Falcons’ Twitter account deserves a raise because their response was beautiful:

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What Is The 99 Club?

Taken straight from the website: “The Madden NFL 99 Club is a prestigious fraternity, reserved only for the most elite players in the NFL. A 99 OVR is considered the Madden Ratings summit; it’s the highest rating a player can achieve in the game. Indeed, it’s a status worthy of celebrating for both players and fans alike.”

EA Sports has to be joking, right?

Now the upside is that when Jones balls out on the field this season then his rating will get bumped up and he will embarrass the creators of Madden ’21. Aka when he outshines Hopkins and Thomas.

Even Falcons’ rising star, Calvin Ridley is projected to have a better season than Hopkins.

At Least Julio Jones is No. 1 in Real Life

While EA can’t seem to get it right, at least Julio is regarded across the boards as the current No. 1 receiver in the league in the real world. Last year Julio fell right below DeAndre Hopkins who had a rating of 99 and the year before that Antonio Brown went ahead of Jones too.

Jones is better than all of them combined.

The 31-year-old has already accomplished some incredible record-breaking stats like being the fastest to reach 12,000 yards and having six 1,300 yards-plus seasons (only one behind Jerry Rice). The best part is, he’s not done yet.

Just last season, Jones started all 15 games he played catching 99 passes for 1,394 yards (14.1 average) and six touchdowns. The 2019 season marked Jones’ sixth season of 1,300 yards plus.

This year is going to be even better for Julio considering the Falcons’ offense stars 11 former first-rounders. Matt Ryan is still in his prime and Todd Gurley is entering the backfield but Jones is still Ryan’s No. 1 receiver until the others have gained his trust on the field.

Madden Put Respect on Matt Ryan’s Name

If Madden was going to do something wrong, you’d think it would be rating Matt Ryan. Instead, Falcons QB Matt Ryan stands at No. 7. At least he finally received the credit he deserved from a video game as a top 10 QB and not near the bottom of the list like on Google.

Ryan received an 87 which makes sense for now, but if all goes as planned this season then he’ll be moving up in the ranks.

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