Pistons Star Blake Griffin Reveals Sad Story of Police Mistreating His Dad

(Getty Images) Blake Griffin @ Detroit Pistons vs Philadelphia 76ers [October 23, 2018]

(Getty Images) Blake Griffin @ Detroit Pistons vs Philadelphia 76ers [October 23, 2018]

After the Sunday shooting of Jacob Blake a Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the national spotlight is again focused on currently on Black men and their relationship with police officers.

An unarmed Black man, Blake was shot multiple times in the back by police as he entered his SUV in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Blake’s three children aged three, five and eight were in the car.

In the NBA bubble in Orlando Florida many are speaking up and showing their displeasure with what is going in the world. The Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics have discussed potentially boycotting their second-round NBA Playoffs matchup as a means to show solidarity in the wake of Blake’s shooting.

Appearing on the Opinionated 7 Footers Podcast with Ryan Hollins and Brendan Haywood, Detroit Pistons All-Star Blake Griffin weighed in on race relations in America. “People use their platform and people do advocate things in different ways, you know what I mean,” said Griffin.

“Some guys support people behind the scenes who are actively making changes. Some guys go protest. Some guys post. Some people try to make other people aware of what’s going on around them. We as people should not be sitting here pointing the finger saying he’s not doing this, he’s not doing that because you don’t know what people are doing. So for me, it’s like it’s — it’s all about making effective changes and having a positive impact. I mean, this whole thing opens your eyes a little bit even more. You see it; you know.”

Griffin is biracial. His father is Black and his mother is White he gave the show a look into his world. “I saw it from a young age,” he said.

“Seeing when I was sitting in the car with my dad and he gets pulled over, you see people treating him [his father] differently than they would treat my mom. You see those things as a kid; you sort of think that…that’s life; you know what I mean? Because you don’t have a real and true perspective and you really don’t understand the situation that’s going on but, as you get older and older you realize that you’ve seen these situations over and over and unfortunately people were out there losing their lives for us to have us to even speak about these things.”

Yesterday, Griffin’s former Los Angeles Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers weighed in on the shooting of Jacob Blake. “All you hear is Donald Trump and all of them talking about fear,” Rivers said of the Republican National Convention.

“We’re the ones getting killed. We’re the ones getting shot. We’re the ones that we’re denied to live in certain communities. We’ve been hung. We’ve been shot. And all you do is keep hearing about fear.

“It’s amazing why we keep loving this country, and this country does not love us back,” Rivers said. “It’s really so sad. Like, I should just be a coach. I’m so often reminded of my color. It’s just really sad. We got to do better. But we got to demand better.

“It’s funny. We protest. They send riot guards. They send people in riot outfits. They go up to Michigan with guns. They’re spitting on cops. Nothing happens.

“The training has to change in the police force. The unions have to be taken down in the police force. My dad was a cop. I believe in good cops. We’re not trying to defund the police and take all their money away. We’re trying to get them to protect us, just like they protect everybody else.”

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