• Westboro Baptist Sullies Soon-to-be-Saints Popes John Paul II & John XXIII

    The hateful church is raining on the saintly parade of Catholics over the upcoming canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII.

  • Westboro Baptist Calls Jane Lynch a ‘Dyke’ After Cory Monteith Tribute

  • Westboro Baptist Church Tweets #GodH8sCanada After Ottawa Train/Bus Collision

  • Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Funerals of Navy Yard Shooting Victims

  • Westboro Baptist Glory That Jersey Shore Fire is ‘God’s Glory’

  • Westboro Baptist Say ‘Evil Filth’ Live in Boulder, Colorado

    After the floods subside, Westboro have promised to picket Boulder.

  • RuPaul Hosting Drag Show on Doorstep of the Westboro Baptist Church

  • Hateful Church Mars MLK Anniversary: Westboro Baptist Tweets #NoFagsinKingsDream

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  • Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Darren Young at Wrestlemania

  • Westboro Baptist: Bus Crash Victims Have Been ‘Dealt With By God’

    According to the hideous church we should all mourn for our sins.

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  • Westboro Baptist Tweet: ‘God Threw Down the Plane’ After Plane Crash

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  • Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Southern Baptists for Not Hating Gays Enough

  • Westboro Baptist Church Tweets That Deacon Jones is in Hell

  • Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Frank Lautenberg’s Funeral

    The Westboro Baptist Church has tweeted its intentions to picket the funeral of famed New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, who died on Monday aged 89.

  • Westboro Baptist Church Says Houston Firefighters Are in ‘Hell’

  • Feds Investigating Westboro Baptist Church Death Threats

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  • Bikers Scare Off Westboro Baptist from Tornado Victim’s Funeral

    A community in mourning united against the hateful protesters planning to disgrace a 9-year-old's funeral.

  • Westboro Baptist to Picket 9-Year-Old Nicolas McCabe’s Funeral

  • Westboro Baptist: London Machete Attack is God’s Wrath for Gay Marriage

  • Westboro Baptist Church: Tornado Was ‘God’s Judgment’ [VIDEO]

  • Westboro Baptist Blames Oklahoma Tornado on Jason Collins’ Coming Out

  • Westboro Baptist Church Tweet About Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

    It didn't take them long to open their big hate-filled mouths.