Domingos Montagner, a Brazilian soap opera actor, drowned in a bizarre incident after filming scenes for the show.

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Neymar is hanging out in Los Angeles with Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx. Find out all the details.

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Get to know the Copa America Centenario Brazil roster of players.

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Brazil and Ecuador ended in a draw. Find out all the details on he Copa America match.

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We have Copa America goal highlights and results. Keep it here for updates on Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Peru, Costa Rica and Paraguay from today’s matches.

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Brazil is the favorite to win Copa America Group B. We preview all the teams, top players and offer our prediction on who will advance from the group.

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The Zika Virus is believed to have caused thousands of children in Brazil and elsewhere in the Americas to be born with birth defects, including microcephaly.

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The Zika virus is “spreading explosively” in the Americas and has been linked to thousands of birth defects. See a map of the areas affected by the virus here.

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Brazi Bites, Brazilian cheese bread, entered the Shark Tank in Season 7. Heavy interviewed the company’s founder.

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A 6-year-old girl in Brazil died after piranhas ate her legs after she fell off her grandmother’s canoe during a vacation.

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Ricardo Dos Santos was shot dead by off-duty cop Luis Paulo Mota Brentano in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis. Here are the photos that celebrate his amazing life.

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Besides working as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio manages being a fiancee and mother of two. The 33-year-old also just started her own fashion line.

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Here are the shocking images from the plane crash site that killed Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos.

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Eduardo Campos, a Brazilian presidential candidate, died in a plane crash Santos, Brazil. He was a candidate for the Brazilian Socialist Party.

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Where are the most populated places in the world? Does New York rank? From tiny African islands to Latin American favelas and Indian slums, you’d be surprised.

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Watch the confrontation of two men in a dressing room in Brazil. While having a heated argument in Portuguese, one man bitch slaps the other guy by creating a diversion.

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