On Monday, Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray learned that he would need surgery on his left hand.

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Brennan Clay leaked these alleged sexts from Dallas Cowboys’ star Demarco Murray to Brennan’s wife. Murray is “Spraytan” in D’Agostini’s phone.

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Why is Justin Bieber hanging around NFL locker rooms? That, and everything else you need to navigate the weekend in pro football.

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The Dallas Cowboys host the Philadelphia Eagles in a clash of two 8-3, NFC East divisional rivals for first place on Thanksgiving.

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Three great epic NFL matchups are piled high with playoff implications, historic rivalries, and a performance by Pitbull.

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Tony Romo looks to avoid another late-season meltdown while Mark Sanchez attempts to hold onto the starting job for another week when these rivals face off on Thanksgiving.

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Before he became the Dallas Cowboys’ signal-caller, Tony Romo made a name for himself at Division 1-AA team, Eastern Illinois University.

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One week after cutting Michael Sam and returning to being hateable, the Dallas Cowboys put on a fantastic display of what an absolute dumpster fire the organization is on Monday Night football.

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The Dallas Cowboys were the first team to win six games this year. History tells us that means double-digit wins, a playoff appearance, and a possible Super Bowl berth.

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After his arrest last week, Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, will still be playing the Cowboys game today against the Giants.

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A former exotic dancer Jana Weckerly, is suing Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones, for more than 1 million dollars in an alleged sexual assault.

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San Francisco has been dominant for the last three years while the Dallas Cowboys have finished 8-8 in each of those same three seasons.

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Michael Sam was signed to the Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad Wednesday morning. The fit could be perfect for the Texas native.

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Dean Blandino, the NFL’s head of officiating, has been heavily criticized by league executives and clubs after a video surfaced of him getting off a Dallas Cowboys party bus and walking into a Los Angeles nightclub with Stephen Jones, Dallas-owner Jerry Jones’ son.

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A Dallas man released several scandalous photos of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones groping and posing with various women as part of an extortion plot. Frank Hoover claims he is also the son of God.

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Brent, behind bars for $500,000 bond, says he’s devastated after the crash that killed his friend and teammate, Jerry Brown Jr.

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