“Casino” Joe and his team look to finish strong as they’ve had a great year against the spread up to this point.

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Christopher Sena is charged with running one of the most gruesome child-sex rings in recent memory.

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Off a BIG winning week, “Casino” Joe and his team look to apply the pressure and stay ahead with only a few weeks remaining in the NFL season

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Georgia Tech is trying to stop ACC rival Florida State From winning their third straight conference championship and spoil their national title chances.

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Everything you need to be a big winner this week in NFL action including analysis, previews and expert picks of all the games.

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Everything you need to be a big winner against the spread this week including all the betting lines, picks and analysis of every game.

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Two of the creators of Bumfights are suspected of trying to send human body parts to Las Vegas from Thailand.

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Everything you need to know to be a big winner in Week 9 of the NFL season.

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Everything you know to be a big winner against the spread in Week 8 NFL action.

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“Casino” Joe looks to bounce back from the 7-8 ATS Week 2 (17-14 overall) picks to a winning week in Week 3. Many tough games this week as we have suspensions, distractions and deactivation(s) to factor in to each betting line.

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It’s Week 2 of the Vegas Pick ‘Em against the spread. “Casino” Joe went 10-6 in the season’s opening week and looks to win two weeks in a row.

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During a Team USA scrimmage last night in Las Vegas, Indiana Pacers small forward Paul George snapped his leg in two after slipping behind the basket base.

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Agents from Nevada Gaming Control and the FBI have taken down an illegal international sports betting operation. Malaysian millionaire Wei Seng Phua and seven other people were arrested for allegedly taking bets on the World Cup championship out of suites at Las Vegas’ Caesar Palace Hotel. Phua has ties to the Chinese crime syndicate, the 14K Triad.

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Todd Woodruff, Amanda Miller’s father, says he was against his daughter’s marriage to Jerad Miller and that Jerad brainwashed Amanda before the two killed two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian Sunday.

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Joseph Robert Wilcox is the hero who died while confronting two cop killers in the Las Vegas shootings of June 8.

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Husband and wife Jerad and Amanda Miller of Indiana are the deceased suspects in a shooting that killed two police officers and another victim in Las Vegas on June 8.

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