WATCH: Las Vegas Ring Video Shows Man Threatening to Kill Woman

Creepy Las Vegas Ring Video

Facebook A man threatened a woman on a Ring video that is going viral.

A Ring video is going viral after a man threatened a woman’s life while he was being recorded. In the video, which took place in Las Vegas, the man keeps saying “Are you sure?” over and over to the woman inside while standing very close to her door and trying to look inside. He later threatened to rape and kill her on the video. Amanda Nowak shared the video on Facebook with the hope that it would help police catch the man. He’s now in custody.

The Man Tried to Open Her Door in the Video & Threatened to Kill the Woman Inside

Amanda Nowak shared the video on Facebook in a public post, asking for help identifying the man while police were searching for him. The post was first shared on July 21. It was first shared here by Nowak. It was later taken down, but you can still watch the video from Las Vegas Emergency Incidents here, from KBXX 97.9 here, or below.

WARNING: The video may be disturbing to some people based on the threats the man states.

Nowak wrote in her original post, which has since been taken down:

So this happened tonight… pretty scary! I was home alone. You’ll hear my husband jump on The Ring after a bit, he wasn’t here… I was hiding where this guy couldn’t see me and I never said a word.. that whole beginning he’s just talking to himself. Police were called, the lady from 911 stayed on the line until cop got here. File was reported and I showed him the video. Searching for him.. enough to arrest if they find him. Hubby is home now. Lock your doors friends!!

She later edited her post to share that he was in custody and thanked the community. She wrote: “On a personal note, the power of community using social media is strong and this proves so! Thank you everyone! I’m just glad he’s off the streets, and can’t harm anyone else. I do not wish to further comment.”

The video shows the man repeatedly asking “Are you sure?” and “I just have a couple of questions for you.”

Nowak told Fox 5 Vegas that she never interacted with the man, and she was home alone at the time.

On the video, her husband used the Ring system to talk to the man just as he was walking away and asked “Who are you?” That’s when the man threatened the woman inside, telling the camera that he was going to “rape her and kill her,” and then claiming that he had a knife and a gun. He could still be heard saying the same words over and over as he walked away.

The video is now going viral, with more than 1.2 million views as of the time of this article’s publication.

Police Have the Man in Custody on 3 Charges, But He Hasn’t Been Identified

The man was arrested on July 22 but police have not identified him, Fox 5 Vegas reported.

Fox 5 reported that the incident happened in downtown Las Vegas and police received a call about a suspicious person around 8:38 p.m. on July 21.

The man was charged with stalking, coercion, and obstructing a police officer, 8 News Now reported. He was arrested on East Clark Avenue and South 3rd Street when he was recognized from the social media posts.

Police said he was booked as “John Doe” because he hasn’t been identified yet.

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