Laila Ali is a boxing champion, much like her dad. Tonight she appears on The Bachelorette. Read on for details on her age, height, mother and boxing career.

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All-time great Muhammad Ali is on “Team Pacquiao” in the upcoming superbout between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

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Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was hospitalized Saturday in Louisville with a mild case of pneumonia. Read on for more about Ali.

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According to his wife, Robin Williams had just been diagnosed as having Parkinson’s disease and it was something he wasn’t ready to share. There are many celebrities and politicians who have gone on to live full lives while battling the condition.

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Ali’s brother says The Greatest is almost gone. His daughter says otherwise. Who’s telling the truth?

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Boxing and cultural icon, Muhammad Ali celebrated his 70th birthday this week. Take a look back at where it all began, with a young man named Cassius Clay.

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