RIP Muhammad Ali: The Tweets You Need To See

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is being memorialized by millions on Twitter. (Getty)

Muhammad Ali passed away last night at the age of 74. Ali is seen as a pioneer – not just the greatest ever in his sport, but a thoughtful, charismatic wordsmith. His quotes inspired as much as his play in the ring did, and he never backed down from controversy, a man proud of his race and religion and not afraid to speak out against the things he saw as injustices. His legacy lives on in the voices of those who stand up for what they believe in.

Ali’s profound impact can currently be found in people eulogizing and remembering him on social media. Many notable people on Twitter, young and old, have posted a large variety of tweets about him, a testament to his immeasurable stature in pop culture. His inspiration knew no boundaries.

Here are just a few notable tweets worth reading in the wake of Ali’s passing.

The Tweets You Need To See

Some on Twitter decided to keep it simple, and post their affection for a great man.

Legend was not the only one to use one of Ali’s countless quotes to memorialize him. The man brought poetry to everyday conversation, and his fans and followers never forgot that.

Others still shared pictures of them meeting Ali, treasured photos of their idol. This includes not only fans of the man, but even his own friends and contemporaries.

Perhaps most interestingly, some posted videos. Not just videos of Ali’s fights and knockouts, but more obscure videos. They help to highlight not only his celebrity stature in his prime, but the unique ways he provided inspirations to others.

Muhammad Ali will be missed. But he will also be remembered for the incredible fighter, warrior, and well-rounded person he was. RIP to The Greatest.

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