Veronica Porsche Ali, Muhammad Ali’s Third Ex-Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Muhammad Ali had a very exciting love life when he was alive, being married a total of four times. Read on for the facts on his third ex-wife Veronica Porsche Ali.

1. Muhammad Ali Cheated On His Second Wife With Porsche

In 1975, Ali and Porsche started having an affair. At the time, Ali was still married to his second wife Belinda Boyd. In 1977, Ali’s second marriage ended and he was able to marry Porsche. In 1986, Ali and Porsche divorced, with their youngest daughter Laila just 8 years old. Their two daughters were then mainly raised by mom Porsche in Los Angeles, California.

2. Veronica Porsche Ali Was an Actress

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My mother back in the day…gorgeousness at its best!

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Porsche worked as a model and actress when she was younger. She met Ali when she was just 18 years old and was married to him for about 9 years. Porsche got the opportunity to play a few small parts in movies include “Terror on Alcatraz” and “Freedom Road”.

3. Porsche Had Two Children With Ali



When Porsche and Ali got married, they already had their first baby girl – Hana. And, Porsche was pregnant with their second child, a daughter named Laila. Laila went on to become a successful, undefeated boxing champion as well as a television personality. She is currently filming The Celebrity Apprentice.

While in high school, Laila was a troublemaker who ended up in juvenile hall and a group home.

4. She Starred as Herself in a Documentary About Daughter Laila

Laila Ali Speaks Her MindFrom the upcoming Laila Ali documentary entitled DADDY'S GIRL, directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood and airing on Father's Day on TV One. Check local listings.2007-06-06T20:03:55.000Z

In 2001, there was a made-for-TV documentary about Porsche’s daughter Laila, titled “Intimate Portrait: Laila Ali.” Porsche appeared in the documentary as herself, but later said that there were parts of the film that were inaccurately portrayed.

5. Porsche’s Second Husband Was a Jazz Musician

Jesus Christ Superstar – SuperstarCarl Anderson performing "Superstar" on the movie Jesus Christ Superstar made in the 70´s. I can tell for sure this is the BEST performance i´ve ever seen of JCS ever. Carl Anderson (Judas) and Ted Neeley (Jesus Christ) are just GREAT.2006-09-14T15:43:31.000Z

Muhammad Ali had nine children and was married four times in his life. His first wife was a cocktail waitress named Sonji Roi, followed by second wife Belinda Boyd and then Porsche. Since 1986, Ali has been married to wife Lonnie Williams, with whom he has one adopted son.

After divorcing Ali, Porsche ended up finding love with jazz artist and actor Carl Anderson (performing in the above video clip from “Jesus Christ Superstar”. The couple married in 1992 and remained married until Anderson died of leukemia in 2004.

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