Boxing Champ Claressa Shields on Laila Ali: ‘She’s Not Her Father’

Women’s boxing champio, Claressa Shields says she’s the Greatest Woman of All Time and I’m guessing you should probably listen.

If you aren’t listening, then it’s likely that she’s going to keep on talking.

Having recently revealed that there is a $15 Million purse on the table from an undisclosed promoter to fight retired boxer, Laila Ali, Shields spoke with Radio Raheem and emphasized that the fight should happen.

On Friday, Ali expressed on ESPN’s First Take that she’d in fact like to fight Shields if the price is right.

So now what?

Check out what Shields told Radio Raheem in a transcript provided below:

Radio Raheem: Do you think that ‘Ali’ name carries anything in the genes if you will? I’m sure she has an issue with calling yourself the G.W.O.A.T. Obviously he’s the GOAT, and she feels like that she broke all these barriers in women’s boxing, still a big girl…does her being an Ali pose a unique challenge for you?

Claressa Shields: She’s not her father. I’m sorry. She’s Laila Ali not Muhammad Ali. If I was getting in the ring to fight Muhammad Ali, I would be scared sh—tless because he’s the greatest to me out ANY fighter that’s ever walked this earth. Muhammad Ali is one of the best EVER. She’s not Muhammad Ali, she’s his daughter. And her career was not as great as his. Everything she got, a majority — if she was a regular girl, her last name was Shields and fought the way she do, NOBODY would know who she was.

Claressa Shield: Laila Ali ENVIOUS & OLD! 5M Offered, LETS FIGHT!Interviewed by Radio Rahim | Claressa Shield: Laila Ali ENVIOUS & OLD! 5M Offered, LETS FIGHT! #WilderFury2 #Boxing #ShieldsAli Subscribe for updates – Enter The KO Cup – More boxing news 24/7: Follow on Twitter: Like on Facebook: SecondsOut is a world leader in boxing entertainment since 1999. Part of…2020-02-22T01:05:21.000Z

Radio Raheem: If she does turn down this fight for whatever reason she claims, what do you think says about her?

Claressa Shields: It just shows that you know, that wants to be brought back in the limelight right now which I get it. Sometimes when you retire and you’re done boxing, and you see other people getting their shine on, you want to have that attention…I get it but, she— her legacy will live a lot longer if she just embraces me. You do not have to be a hater. You don’t have to hate on me like, her hating on me is making her look foolish. Every time she says ‘I wanna knock Claressa out, oh her mouth, oh she disrespectful, oh she not’….Every time she says something negative about me, it makes her look worse every time. Because she supposed to be on the Muhammad Ali level. When have you ever seen Muhammad Ali act that way? Sugar Ray Robinson called himself ‘The Greatest’ then all of the sudden Muhammad Ali called himself ‘The Greatest’. You think Sugar Ray Robinson was mad at him? No, he embraced Muhammad Ali and he let his fans know like look, this is the next generation. So she — that’s what I’m sayin’. She’s not her father and you know look, all this can come to a cease. All she has to do is put the gloves on and I will give her the opportunity to shut me up. Shut the girl from Flint up, ‘cause I’m telling you, she is going to be in for the fight of her life. She thought Ann Wolfe was a beast? I’m a completely different animal. She may not think I’m as strong as Ann Wolfe, but I got leverage, punching power, I got skills!

Radio Raheem: Radio Raheem with Claressa Shields all the skills, I hope we get that fight made…

Claressa Shields:The GWOAT!!! I am the greatest woman of all time!! I will NOT be beat by you or anybody else!!!

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