At least 11 Long Island murders have shocked the community. Police say they were the work of MS-13, a gang made partly up of unaccompanied El Salvadoran immigrants.

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New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced an investigation named “Operation Vendelay Industries,” a reference to Seinfeld. Here’s a look at the investigation.

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New York approved a free college program for people whose families meet income requirements. It’s a historic tuition-free bill called the Excelsior Scholarship.

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New York Police Officer Richard Haste has resigned before being fired in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Ramarley Graham.

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James Harris Jackson, 28, of Baltimore, is accused of fatally stabbing a man, Timothy Caughman, with a sword in a racially motivated attack in New York City.

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Jimmy Breslin, the famous New York newspaper columnist, has died. Learn more about his cause of death.

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Jose Gonzalez is accused of running over New York EMT Yadira Arroyo with an ambulance in the Bronx. The scene was captured in horrific videos.

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Joon H. Kim will replace Preet Bharara as the top U.S. Attorney in Manhattan. Kim is a friend and former adviser to his predecessor.

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Preet Bharara tweeted that he knows how the Moreland Commission must feel after Trump fired him. Learn more about the commission, which Andrew Cuomo shut down.

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A retired 51-year-old NYPD officer is accused of shooting his neighbor and then barricading himself in a store in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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Eliot Engel is a New York Democrat who has had an aisle seat to shake the hand of every president for over two decades at the State of the Union, but he won’t do it for Donald Trump.

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Ethan Turnbull, a male model from Australia, and his skateboarding friend, Bennett Jonas, saved seven teenagers who fell through Central Park ice in New York.

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People reported hearing explosions in Forest Hills, a neighborhood in Queens, New York, but it appears it was from a manhole fire.

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People held an “I am a Muslim Too” rally in New York City’s Times Square to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration travel ban. See photos.

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Ines Knauss is Melania Trump’s fashion designer sister. She lives in New York City in a Trump-owned building and is said to be a close confidant of the First Lady.

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Dailene Rosario, a 17-year-old pregnant girl, was stunned with a Taser during an arrest by the NYPD at an apartment in The Bronx. The incident was caught on video.

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