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    Police say homeless man Assamad Nash stabbed Christina Yuna Lee to death after forcing his way inside her Manhattan apartment.

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    Michelle Alyssa Go was identified as the New York woman who was pushed to her death in a subway. Police are accusing Simon Martial of pushing Go.

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    Alpo Martinez is a former drug dealer whose death was widely reported on social media. The NYPD has not confirmed his death.

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    Gail Katz Bierenbaum was murdered at age 29 in 1985, and the case went unsolved for years as her husband, Robert Bierenbaum, started a new life. He was convicted in her death in 2000, but her body was never found.

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    Rachel DeLoache Williams was a friend of fake heiress Anna Delvey, whose real name was Anna Sorokin. Williams was conned out of her money by the woman she thought was her friend, Williams said in testimony at Sorokin's trial.