Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be kicking some ass and flinging some thunderbolts as DC’s Black Adam in movie theaters soon enough.

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Lego Batman 3

Come check out this gallery of your favorite DC characters busting through the comics in LEGO form.

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Batman v Superman Leak

Make sure you check out this awesome teaser trailer before it gets taken down!

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The Death of Superman Lives

If you’re interested in seeing this documentary reach its production completion, support it with your superhero moolah.

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Marvel Comics

These panels are what all the comic book heads in attendance at SDCC 2014 need to attend.

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Batman vs Superman

Is Superman posing amongst the dark rainfall of Gotham City?

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The 1st pic of Batman and his trusty Batmobile from the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” has been revealed.

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Confused by high-speed trading? This clever video explains high-frequency trading using the plot of Superman III.

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Okay, maybe Superman is one of the cooler superheroes.

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Get a good look at the most high-profile flicks of 2013.

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