The new FX series Tyrant follows a Middle Eastern dictator’s son, Bassam “Barry” Al Fayeed, a California pediatrician who returns home after a 20-year self-imposed exile.

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naftali frenkel kidnapped

Naftali Frenkel, 16, is one of three Israeli teens believed to be kidnapped while hitchhiking in the West Bank. His ties to Brooklyn have prompted protests in NYC.

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Here are the world’s nastiest diseases under a microscope.

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Her father burned her alive for allegedly meeting her fiance before their arranged marriage.

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The president made his case for military action and urged Americans to watch the horrific footage of Assad’s gas attack.

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Allied and opposition forces position themselves in the region surrounding Syria, preparing for a conflict.

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A new study has discovered that 75% of the worlds heroin comes from Afghanistan, and what the U.S. has done to the opium industry. See the infographic here!

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A U.S. drone strike killed four alleged al-Qaeda militants in Yemen on Tuesday as the State Department ordered all Americans in the U.S. Embassy there to leave the country.

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The terrorist threat that caused the U.S. and several other countries to close down their Middle Eastern embassies may be due to surgically implanted bombs.

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The State Department issued a statement today that an unspecified number of U.S. embassies will be closed Sunday, August 4, amid security concerns.

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