10 Things Learned: UFC 116

10 Things We Learned: UFC 116

Photos by James Law for heavymma.com

As Promised

We were told this was going to be a classic heavyweight clash in the build-up, and the big boys more than delivered.

Shane Carwin put on a show during the first round, proving Brock Lesnar was mortal by rocking the massive heavyweight champion, sending him scurrying to the cage and forcing him to fend off a finish from his back. Then Lesnar put on a display in the second round, showcasing an evolved skill set that led to the coupe dè grace.

The fact that Lesnar survived the first round was impressive to begin with, but to watch him come out for the second round, smile and finish with an arm triangle was amazing. There is no one who could have called that finish, regardless of what they say now.

In the string of fights that failed to live up to the hype as of late, this one went beyond the marketing and came up aces.