UFC Fight Night 58: Machida vs Dollaway Results & Highlights

#4 Lyoto Machida vs #10 CB Dollaway

This fight is a great opportunity for Dollaway to show he can beat the elite of the Middleweight class. For Machida, it could be a test of his wrestling and takedown defense. These two factors is what ultimately led to Chris Weidman to beat him, and if Dollaway uses the same strategy, he could cause problems for the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ.

Round 1:
Machida lands a HUGE kick early in the waking moments of the first round. Dollaway winces in pain and falls back. Machida jumps on him and finishes with some vicious ground and pound. Very impressive return for Lyoto after losing his title match against Weidman.

Lyoto Machida wins via TKO in Round 1

Luke Rockhold lets Dana White know that he is ready for Machida. Well, that was quick.

Renan Barão vs. Mitch Gagnon

An absolute must win for Renan after an embarassing weigh-in gaff resulting in him missing his opportunity to reclaim his belt against TJ Dillashaw. If he can win this fight (and maybe one more after) he can solidify himself as title contender worthy.

Round 1:
Some pretty even exchanges back and forth. Gagnon goes for a few takedowns, but Renan stalemates him and they clench against the cage. Of the exchanges, Renan seems to get the better of the two but it’s close. Renan’s takedown defense remains at 100% for his career. 10-9 Barão but could easily see some judges scoring it the other way.

Round 2:
Barão denies an early takedown and then lands one for himself but Gagnon pops back up quickly. Referee Mario Yamasaki has to separate both fighters multiple times against the fence due to inactivity. Barão lands some elbows in the clench but they don’t do much damage. 10-9 Barão.

Round 3:
Barão lands some good kicks and again defends the takedown. Yamasaki separates them again and Barão lands another takedown. Gagnon gets in some good knees and Barão takes him down again. Barão gains full amount and easily puts Gagnon in an arm triangle, forcing him to tap. Pretty solid return for the former Bantamweight champ.

Renan Barão wins via Submission (arm triangle)

Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Patrick Cummins

Cummins absolutely dominated this fight. He showed superior wrestling, striking and takedowns. One of the more lopsided main event fights in quite some time. Cummins is far removed from his embarrassing fight-replacement for Cormier and has established himself as a legit UFC fighter. It will be interesting to see who Cummins fights next, but it should be a veteran with a decent name.

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