Ontario MMA Fighter Dies After Amateur Fight

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(via MartialArtsNomad.com/Flickr)

Ontario resident Felix Pablo Elochukwu, has died following an unregulated mixed martial arts event in Michigan over the weekend.

Reports say the 35-year-old Nigerian-born Elochukwu died after collapsing backstage following the event in Port Huron, Michigan. This was Elochukwu’s first time in the ring.

The Amateur Fighting Club hosted the event, and confirmed the news of Elochukwu’s death on its Facebook page.

“Last night’s event, April 6th, we lost a member of our MMA family and we would like to take this time to honor him. This is a tragic turn of events. We will keep his family and friends in our prayers and we ask you to do the same. May God be with them in this devastating time of loss. To us, this tragedy will not end today. He will remain in our hearts and on our minds. Further information will be posted at a later time.”

People expressed their grief via social media after learning of Elochukwu’s death.

No cause of death has been determined following an autopsy scheduled for Monday.

Since only professional MMA events are regulated by the State, pre-fight medical screenings at amateur events aren’t required to determine whether a fighter is fit to compete, reports Sun News. It also means that ringside physicians and ambulances aren’t mandatory, although a paramedic was reportedly on scene and attempted to revive Elochukwu after he collapsed.

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