Blake Sims’ Daughter Kyla: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alabama quarterback Blake Sims and his daughter Kyla after the SEC Championship Game in December. (Getty)

Alabama quarterback Blake Sims and his daughter Kyla after the SEC Championship Game in December. (Getty)

Blake Sims isn’t your ordinary college football player.

The Alabama senior quarterback shows poise on the field and maturity off it. Sims has a daughter, who was born while he was still in high school, with his ex-wife Rafaela Souza.

Here’s what you need to know about Blake and his daughter Kyla:

1. Kyla is 5-Years-Old



Kyla is 5-years-old and was born during Blake’s junior year at Gainesville (Ga.) High School to Sims’ then-girlfriend Rafael Souza.

Kyla still lives in Gainesville with her mother.

2. Sims Eventually Married His Girlfriend, But The 2 Later Divorced

Rafaela Souza, Blake Sims' ex-wife. (Special)

Rafaela Souza, Blake Sims’ ex-wife. (Special)

Sonny Sims, Blake’s father, said his son was not allowed to bring a child into the family without being married, so Blake wed Souza before leaving to attend Alabama. Souza didn’t come to Tuscaloosa with Sims, though.

The couple was married for 4 years, but divorced in 2013 when the strain of the long-distance relationship became too much.

3. Sims Says The Birth of His Daughter Made Him a Better Student



Sims says he took his education for granted and didn’t get serious until Kyla was born.

He also said he was a jock and class clown when he was younger and didn’t listen to those who wanted to help.

“The class clown isn’t successful,” Sims told Tuscaloosa middle schoolers in an assembly earlier in the fall. “Fellas, a girl doesn’t want a stupid guy. When y’all get into arguments in class, I bet the first thing they say is, ‘Boy, you’re stupid.'”

Sims says he now visits all his former teachers when back in Gainesville because “they helped put me in the situation that I’m in today.”

4. Sims Has a Good Relationship With His Ex-Wife And Sees Kyla Often



Sims has posted photos of his ex-wife on his Instagram account (_bsims6) and has said the two are friendly with each other.

He says he sees Kyla most weekends during the football season and gets back to his hometown of Gainesville as often as he can.

“Her mother and I have a very good relationship,” Blake said. “Her mother lets her come see me every chance she gets. She’s in good hands with her mother.”

5. Blake Sims Has a Pretty Important Game Thursday



Sims and his Alabama teammates play in the 2nd semifinal of the inaugural College Football Playoff on Thursday in New Orleans against Ohio State.

The Crimson Tide is the No. 1-ranked team in the nation, the Buckeyes 4th.

It is not known if Kyla will be attending, like she did in Atlanta to see her father with the MVP of the SEC Championship Game.

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