NCAA Basketball Rankings: Heavy’s Top 30 for February 29

Another No. 1 bites the dust. 

Pardon the puns, but it's just been that kind of season. Another top team has lost another big-time game and, as a result, we've got some changes in our latest Top 30 teams. 

Of course, Villanova is still a talented squad and we're fairly certain this isn't a team that is going suffer the same fate as earlier squads in the NCAA Tournament. That's enough to keep the Wildcats in the top five, as far as we're concerned. But they couldn't stay at No. 1 either. In other words, it's time to welcome Kansas back to the top of the college hoops heap. The Jayhawks clinched at least a share of the Big 12 title again this weekend and are rolling towards the conference tournament. 

But what about Xavier? Y'know that team we've been touting as really good and the one that beat Villanova earlier this week? Well, it's complicated. Also complicating ranking matters this week are Oklahoma, North Carolina and Duke. All three squads dropped disappointing losses to surprising squads over the weekend. 

We're closing in on the end of the regular season and selection Sunday is just two weeks away. Things are getting fun. Standings are getting tighter. And every shot attempt matters. 

Click through the gallery to check out our latest Top 30. Happy basketball. (Getty)