Brittany Burns Photos: Pictures of Tony Steward’s Fiancee

The fiancee of a Buffalo Bills linebacker has died after a short battle with ovarian cancer. Brittany Burns, 26, who was due to marry NFL star Tony Steward, 24, died on February 2, according to Clemson reporter Dan Hope.

Burns and Steward met while they were both students at Clemson University where they met. He was a football player, obviously, while she was a star rower at the school. According to Burns" Instagram page, the couple got engaged some time in December. She attended Clemson between 2008 and 2011.

Burns wrote on her Twitter page on January 24 that she was, "Thankful for the care at the hospital but I'm so ready to move on and start doing better from home." Her final tweet came a few hours later when she jokingly wrote, "Just took a field trip to the cafeteria."

After receiving the news, both she and Steward began a Fight Like a Girl campaign to raise money for ovarian cancer awareness. At the time of writing, their campaign had raised nearly $2,500. You sign an online condolence card for her family here.

Here are the photos of Burns and Steward together that help to celebrate their love: