NHL Power Rankings Week 26

The NHL playoff race is getting tighter and tighter with every hit and every single puck drop and while we're all sitting on the edges of our metaphorical seats waiting for our favorite teams to clinch playoff berths, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the drama as it unfolds in front of us. 

Much of the Western Conference has been wrapped up, it's just a matter of seeding, while things in the East are far from settled. That doesn't meant that some squads haven't secured their spots and, by extension, forced some changes in our latest round of power rankings. 

Sure, the Washington Capitals are still our team to beat and our top squad, but we've got to admit that we've been pretty darn impressed with the way the Pittsburgh Penguins have been playing recently. And the Pens lopsided victory on Sunday afternoon was more than enough to thrust them into the upper echelon of power rankings. 

We've also got a brand-new squad in the top 10 and we're also fairly worried about the entire Atlantic Division. 

The fun is just beginning in the NHL, so read on and check out our latest power rankings as the regular season continues to wind down. (Getty)

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