How Much Does Brandon Ingram Weigh?

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There’s no denying Brandon Ingram’s talent, but critics have pointed to his slight frame as a barrier for success at the NBA level. At Duke, he was listed as 190 pounds.

According to USA Today, a new nutrition plan has helped him add seven pounds before the draft. He is hoping to add an additional 13 pounds to give him an NBA playing weight of 210 pounds.

How is he gaining weight? He is attempting to eat six meals a day. In addition to normal meals, Ingram is drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars.

While there are not a lot of guys in the league with a similar frame, Ingram can point to the success of Kevin Durant as the model. Ingram is 6’9″ with long arms and is built similarly to Durant. Durant received the same criticism coming out of Texas.

Ingram explained to Business Insider that the process can be frustrating.

“It’s not fun at all, man. Eating is fun, but at times, it can get sickening. But I’m just not really worried about that right now. Just get stronger. I think just getting stronger, it’s not more about the weight, the weight is gonna come naturally. And if I put on a bad weight, it’s gonna slow me down a little bit, so just trying to get stronger, as strong as I can be,” Ingram told Business Insider.

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