Fantasy Football Sleepers: Top Preseason Players to Watch

It has been said that preseason games do not matter, but avid fantasy football players know this is a fallacy. While it is important to not overreact to the preseason (remember Ameer Abdullah last season), you can gather a lot of information from games. Key in on things like depth charts and how players are being used in games. Heavy continues our sleeper series by giving you some players to key in on during the preseason. These are players with breakout potential if they are given the opportunity by their teams this season. The list includes veterans who have new landing spots as well as rookies who are being under-drafted.

While drafting in the early rounds can be easy with so much talent on the board, it is your later round picks that can win you your league if you are able to hit on a few of your selections. The best way to do this is to target players with high upside rather than steadier players you may have gone with early in your draft. The waiver wire will be full of average players who can fill in a week or two for you. After round 10, you are looking for players who are ready to explode this season. The ADP data (average draft position) listed is courtesy of Fantasy Pros. Click on the arrow to the right of the above image to see Heavy's list of sleepers to watch in the preseason. (Getty)

1 Comment

1 Comment


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