DraftKings MLB Lineup: Best Picks & DFS Players August 15

It's a bit of a slow Monday for baseball today, with plenty of teams getting the day off. Taking away the lone afternoon game of the day, just 9 games are going to be played starting at 7:05 or later. Some players you're going to want aren't available, and there aren't exactly a ton of aces taking the mound today. But look closely and you'll find players that can do a lot of damage, and maybe you'll even end the day with a victorious DraftKings lineup.

For starters, I definitely recommend taking a look at the Oakland lineup as they face Martin Perez and the struggling Rangers, and maybe even a Rangers player too. There are a couple of Diamondbacks players I'm eyeing as the Mets come to town, and both sides of the game in Colorado have players worth looking into as the Nationals visit. Throw in a Pirate, Tiger, and Ray, and you've got options. Here are 10 players for your DraftKings lineup. (Getty)

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