Sam Mikulak: Top 10 Instagram Photos

Sam Mikulak is one of the best gymnasts in the nation, if not the world, these days. At only 23, the California native is a seven-time NCAA Champion, and has won multiple gold medals at the US National Championships over the years. Starting on Saturday, August 6, Mikulak will be representing the US at the Olympics in Rio, along with Danell Leyva, Jacob Dalton, Alex Naddour, and Chris Brooks. But though others see him as a stud with a six-pack, Mikulak is a self-described sci-fi nerd who grew up with dreams of becoming an astronaut. Want to learn more facts about the Olympic athlete? Click through our gallery to read about the Cali boy, and check out some of his best Instagram pics. (Instagram/SamuelMikulak)