WWE Removes Big E’s Charlotte Joke in ‘Monday Night Raw’ YouTube Clip

The New Day’s Big E had WWE fans cracking up last night when he took a jab at the recent Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks storyline, but viewers were surprised on Tuesday to see that the company had removed this line from their YouTube version of that segment.

On December 19th’s episode of Monday Night Raw, The New Day confronted Cesaro and Sheamus after having lost their World Tag Team Championship at Roadblock: End of the Line. The group made the argument that this loss is merely a temporary setback and that they’ll be on top again soon.

As an example, Kofi Kingston said that Ric Flair could not have become a 16-time champion without losing 15 times. Big E then responded by saying, “And that’ll be Charlotte in a month.”

This is a reference to the predictable nature of the WWE’s plotline involving Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Over the past several months, the WWE Raw Women’s Championship has gone back and forth between these two women, with Sasha traditionally winning it on Monday Night Raw and Charlotte winning it at the following pay-per-view. By a certain point, many fans just lost interest, not feeling as invested anymore because it became obvious that either women’s victory was only temporary.

But on the WWE’s YouTube channel, where segments of Monday Night Raw are uploaded the next day, this joke is removed entirely. The video cuts from Kofi Kingston making his point to Big E saying that The New Day will win the Tag Team Championship again, which he did not originally say until after the Charlotte joke.

You can see the edited version of the segment in the embedded YouTube player above and the cut joke here.

Of course, it should be noted that most of the WWE’s YouTube clips are edited so that they are short and sweet and so that viewers have an incentive to watch the full show. But the edits are traditionally more obvious, with a white flash appearing on screen for a moment to signal that some content has been excised. Also, considering that Big E’s brutally-honest line was debatably the best moment of this segment, and perhaps the best moment of this week’s Raw in general, the fact that it was removed certainly gives off the impression that the WWE was not happy with the joke, even if that’s not legitimately the case.

Members of The New Day do have a tendency to deliver fourth-wall-breaking one-liners that address fan complaints or otherwise comment on what’s going on behind the scenes. Also included in this segment – though cut from the YouTube video – is a gag where the New Day superstars try to avoid talking about Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson’s “The Old Day” bit from a few months ago, which was very poorly received by viewers.

The New Day lost the WWE World Tag Team Championship at Roadblock: End of the Line this week, and Cesaro and Sheamus now hold that title. A new belt was subsequently unveiled on Monday Night Raw, but the crowd’s reaction to its design ranged from indifference to complete disgust. The New Day did not comment on the quality of the belt itself, although they did complain that Cesaro and Sheamus get a new one on their first day whereas they had to carry around the old belts for over a year.

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