Erin Osweiler, Brock Osweiler’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

As Brock Osweiler prepares for his first playoff start, it’s amazing to think what he has accomplished in his short NFL career. He started as a backup to Peyton Manning, and won a Super Bowl ring as a backup for the Broncos. When everyone expected him to be the heir apparent in Denver, Osweiler signed a massive contract with the Houston Texans. Through his entire career, his wife Erin has been by his side.

Here’s the facts on Erin and Brock:

1. Erin Is Pregnant With The Couple’s First Child

On the same day it was announced that Tom Savage would be the starting QB for the Texans, TMZ reported Brock and Erin’s impending arrival. The couple’s first child, a baby girl, is expected to arrive in April. Oddly enough, Tom Savage’s wife is also pregnant with the couple’s first child.

2. They Were Married In 2014

After meeting through mutual friends, Erin and Brock began dating while Brock was playing for Arizona State. The couple was living in Scottsdale when Brock proposed, and the wedding was held at the Silverleaf Club in Scottsdale.

They were married in February, just a few weeks after the end of the 2014-15 season. According to, rain nearly washed out the ceremony, but a tent was handy to keep all 120 guests dry.

3. The Osweilers Love Visiting Children’s Hospitals

Throughout his short NFL career, Osweiler and his wife have made time to visit sick children in hospitals. In his years in Denver, he spent his Christmases at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. This year, he took his talents locally to the Houston Children’s Hospital.

In 2014, Osweiler was named a Community MVP by the NFLPA. In an article about the award, Osweiler stated that he uses Mondays to “Pay it Forward,” and recognized the need for NFL players to have an impact in their communities:

“Playing in the NFL, I’m essentially living out my dream every single day, and I’m so fortunate for so many great things. To be able to be in a situation to give back just a little bit is something that means a lot to me. I think there is a great responsibility for NFL players to do that. It’s been a great deal so far.”

4. Erin Helped Brock Learn Houston’s Playbook Over The Summer

The pressure was on for Osweiler, as he signed a massive deal to join the Texans in free agency. Osweiler joined the Texans in March, giving him less than six months to learn the Texans offense and transfer his entire life south from Denver.

To make things easier, Erin helped Brock to quickly learn the language of the Texans’ playbook. After Brock gathered the basic lingo of the playbook, he would have Erin act as offensive coordinator, reading entire plays straight out of the book. Brock would then envision the play diagram, then attempt to perfectly repeat the complex play back to her. Apparently, this is something they’ve been doing as a couple since Brock’s early days in Denver.

5. Erin & Brock Were Involved In An Incident Outside A Pizzeria In March

Right before Brock signed his massive contract, he got caught up with some haters in Scottsdale. After being heckled outside a pizza shop, Brock pushed away a woman who was moving aggressively towards his wife. As the scene became more tense, Osweiler calmly guided his wife and friends into a cab and left the shouting bystanders.

Unfortunately for Osweiler, the ever-vigilant eyes of TMZ were able to capture the incident. The scene ended without escalation, and off-duty cops were at the scene to confirm that no crimes were committed. It didn’t hurt his free agent stock, as just three days later Osweiler was in Houston to sign a contract worth $82 million.