WWE ‘SmackDown Live’ Match Results & Spoilers January 10th

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John Cena will face Baron Corbin tonight on ‘SmackDown Live.’ (WWE)

SmackDown Live is currently broadcasting a new episode on the USA Network. Here’s what has happened so far:

9:45 John Cena defeats Baron Corbin. AJ Styles sits on on commentary for the match, and he and Cena stare each other down as the show closes.

9:37 – Backstage, Baron Corbin says that it’s no longer John Cena’s glory days; it’s his end of days. AJ Styles enters and tells Corbin that tonight he should do his best AJ Styles impression and “beat up John Cena!”

9:36 – Backstage, Carmella tells James Ellsworth she has something special for him: next week, she’s going to take him on a shopping spree.

9:26 – Carmella defeats a local jobber. She’s accompanied to the ring by James Ellsworth, and the two of them hug after the match.

9:23 – Backstage, Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan review footage of Lynch’s match last week, trying to figure out who La Luchadora is. Alexa Bliss enters and says that last week she was just trying to find out the identity of La Luchadora by going undercover. Daniel Bryan says that next week, Alexa will defend her title against Becky Lynch. But in order to prevent La Luchadora from interfering, the match will take place inside a steel cage.

8:53 American Alpha defeats The Wyatt Family, retaining their Tag Team Championship. The match ends when Chad Gable pins Randy Orton. After the match ends, Luke Harper starts screaming at Randy Orton, and Orton and Harper begin shoving each other back and forth. Bray Wyatt tries to calm them down but ends up leaving the arena angry at both of them.

8:48 – In an interview, John Cena asks who Baron Corbin thinks he is. He also says that he agrees with AJ Styles that he is a “has been,” because it has been a long time since he’s had to fight to prove himself, but now he’s fired up.

8:44 – In an interview, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are quite confident that they’ll retain their Tag Team Championship tonight.

8:30 Kalisto defeats Dolph Ziggler. After the match ends, an extremely upset Ziggler starts attacking Kalisto. Apollo Crews then enters, and Ziggler attacks Crews as well.

8:24 – In a backstage interview, Dolph Ziggler is asked to explain his actions last week, but he does not respond and simply walks off.

8:18 – Nikki Bella is scheduled to fight Natalya, but Bella starts beating up Natalya before the match even begins. They have to be torn apart by the referees.

8:12 – As Nikki Bella is getting ready for her match against Natalya, Natalya suddenly attacks her from behind.

8:03 – Dean Ambrose enters and welcomes the audience to an episode of The Ambrose Asylum. He then announces he is entering the Royal Rumble match.

The Miz enters. He says that he is also entering the Royal Rumble. But for now, he’s upset that Ambrose is ruining the integrity of the Intercontinental Championship. He then complains that Ambrose stole his title and that the result of last week’s match should have been thrown out.

Instead of returning the title, Ambrose gives The Miz a Miz Participation Award. The Miz flips out and starts beating up Ambrose. Ambrose is able to defend himself, though, retaliating against The Miz and walking away from the arena with The Miz lying injured.

8:00 – The show opens with a package recapping the Dean Ambrose/Miz feud.

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