“I think people are going to be shocked how long we’ve been together,” Bella told Wrestling Inc. “Cause I think—you know we never came out, we just kind of let our relationship come out as people saw us more together.”

2. They Were Married in 2014

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan exchange wedding vows: Total Divas Season 2 Finale, June 1, 2014The happy couple are married on the Season 2 Finale of "Total Divas."2014-06-02T02:00:01.000Z

The wedding between Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella took place on April 11th, 2014.

According to E! Online, the wedding took place at the L’Auberge Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona. Some WWE superstars were there including Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, Jimmy Uso, and, of course, John Cena.

Nikki Bella also served as maid of honor in the wedding, which was filmed for Total Divas; the wedding aired as part of the Season 2 finale of the reality series.

“I couldn’t ask for a better man, best friend, father, and husband to spend the rest of my life with,” Brie Bella said as part of her wedding vows. “Your humble heart, sense of soul, has made me a better person. Every time I look into your eyes, I immediately feel comfort.”

“Holding you is the most comforted I’ve ever felt, and because I’ve never felt as safe crying as when I cry next to you,” Daniel Bryan said in his wedding vows. “And watching you walk down that aisle is the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m the luckiest person alive. I couldn’t imagine growing old with anyone else.”

3. The First Time They Had Sex, Sheamus & Ted DiBiase Jr. Walked in

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella Talk About the First Time They Had Sex: Total Divas, March 8, 2015In this clip, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella talk about the first time they had sex. The story involves, most likely, WWE Superstar Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan mentions his name. This was taken from the Total Divas Part 1 Season Finale "Indecent Exposure" Total Divas 3/1/15 3/8/15 WWE Raw 3/2/15 3/9/152015-03-09T17:37:37.000Z

On an episode of Total Divas, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella revealed the first time that they had sex.

Because they’re on the road so often, it happened in a hotel room. But as they said on the show, it was almost ruined by the fact that Sheamus and Ted DiBiase Jr. walked in. Evidently, they pretended to be Daniel Bryan to the hotel management so that they could get a key to the room, and they drunkenly barged in right before Bryan and Bella were about to make love.

“It made everything very uncomfortable for me,” Bella said.

Bryan added that Sheamus was petting Brie Bella’s head while she was naked.

4. Brie Bella is a Big Reason Why Daniel Bryan Retired

In 2016, Daniel Bryan retired from wrestling. This came after WWE doctors would not clear him for in-ring competition, and Bryan revealed that he had suffered numerous concussions over the course of his career.

Bryan probably could have gone to wrestle on the independent circuit, but he instead retired from professional wrestling entirely, citing the fact he has a wife to think about.

“I was with him with one of his seizures after a concussion,” Bella told ABC News. “It scared me so bad. I lost it.”

Bryan also said at the time that he and Brie Bella wanted to start a family.

Last year, Brie Bella announced her semi-retirement; she said she was leaving in order to have a baby with Daniel Bryan, although she has said that she’s open to returning to the ring after having her baby, possibly at SummerSlam this August.

5. They Plan to Have Two Children

After Birdie Joe Danielson, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella plan to have one more child for a total of two.

In a recent video blog, Brie Bella revealed that Daniel Bryan wanted to have a son, partially to pass on the Danielson name and partially because his father wanted a grandson.

However, Brie says that Daniel was still incredibly happy to be having a baby girl, and she told him that she thinks he’s better suited to be taking care of a daughter anyway.

Bella explained, “I was like, ‘Bryan, you are so patient, you are so sweet, you have the most gentle soul, you’re so understanding, and you know how to really motivate and pump up women…you just know how to relate to us. You were meant to have girls.'”

Bella went on to say that if their second child is a girl, it would not be such a bad thing for this reason.