LeBron James’ Eye: What Happened to Cause Red Spot?

what happened lebron eye

Getty LeBron James hurt his eye in a Game 1 collision with Draymond Green.

Fans tuning into the NBA finals are wondering what happened to LeBron James’ eye to cause the large red spot. Right before halftime of Game 1, James was poked in the eye by Draymond Green on a drive to the basket. Here’s a look at the play where Green was whistled for a foul.

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Since then, James has been dealing with the eye injury, and admitted to having blurred vision during Game 1. After Game 2, James noted his eye did not feel great, but it would not be something that would cause him to miss any time. James, who has three children, admitted his eye scares his daughter, Zhuri.

“I’ll be in uniform, and I’ll continue to try to make plays and help our team be successful and try to get one up on the board,” James told the New York Post. “Yeah, she didn’t like the FaceTime that we had earlier. She was a little weirded out about it. But I’ll be fine. So everything’s good. Appreciate it.”

According to Cleveland 19, James suffered a subconjunctival hemorrhage to his left eye. Here’s how Web MD defines the injury.

The conjunctiva contains nerves and many small blood vessels. These blood vessels are usually barely visible but become larger and more visible if the eye is inflamed. These blood vessels are somewhat fragile, and their walls may break easily, resulting in a subconjunctival hemorrhage (bleeding under the conjunctiva). A subconjunctival hemorrhage appears as a bright red or dark red patch on the sclera.

After Game 1, James explained his version of what happened in his collision with Green. ESPN’s Rachel Nichols tweeted his account at the post-game press conference.

LeBron at the podium, notes that “Draymond poked me right square in the eye. I’ll deal with that over the next couple of days.” Says his vision was “pretty much blurry, and it got worse and worse as the game went on.”

The injury has not seemed to impact his play as James scored a playoff career high of 51 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in Game 1. James was one rebound away from a triple-double in Game 2 finishing with 29 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds. Despite his performances, the Cavs lost the first two games, something James is frustrated about.

“I know it feels like we’re down 2-0, and I don’t like the way I feel,” James explained to Cleveland.com. “I don’t like the way — the mood that I’m in right now, knowing whatever. There’s no, like, OK, you’re down 2-0 and you feel better than when you’re down 2-0 before. I mean, when you’re down like this, in a deficit like this versus a team like this, there’s no good feeling. So I don’t feel good about it…I don’t feel good how I feel right now, not how I feel about the rest of the series. I know how clips can get broken up and somebody can clip that and be like, ‘oh, LeBron said he doesn’t feel good.'”