11 Best Snowboards for Women: Compare & Save (2018)

Snowboards for women


Every time you’re looking for information about snowboarding, it’s always “snowboards for men! Snowboards for men!” Men, hold your horses. It’s time for snowboards for women.

We’ve determined the best women’s snowboard to be the DC Ply, for its versatility, price, and how freakin’ fun it is to ride.

Before we get too far, I want to quickly cover what makes a snowboard for a woman. It’s easy: Size. As a general rule, ladies are smaller than guys. Thus, they require smaller snowboards.

Now, that’s not to say a guy can’t rock a women’s board, and vice-versa. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call women’s-specific snowboards “lightweight snowboards”.

As a result, women who are taller or heavier may benefit from the use of a men’s snowboard. Actually, there are a number of men’s snowboards produced in under-150 sizes, making them more ideal for women.

Of course, you can still opt to ride a large men’s board on snowy days, in lieu of a powder board. Heck, the Burton Jeremy Jones deck in a 159 used to be my jam. But, this list focuses on women’s-specific boards.

If you’re unsure of what size to get, refer to this guide on how to choose a snowboard.

You ready? Drum roll, please…

What are the best snowboards for women?

1. Gnu Klassy – $469.95

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Designed as an all-mountain, freestyle-leaning board
  • Built with Magne-Traction® tech, for ultimate grippiness
  • Great for almost any riding condition, including powder – medium setback
  • Makes aggressive riding easy & stable
  • Possible chatter on hardpack

When it comes to purchasing a new deck, you’re not interested in a super specific type of riding. Instead, you’re more of an all-mountain girl.

Trying out new types of snowboards can be daunting. You’d rather go with something you’ve ridden, for practically your entire life.

If you’re in this boat, consider the Gnu Klassy. This baby is the epitome of a classic women’s snowboard. In fact, there’s a good chance you rode something similar during childhood.

What makes this bad boy stand out, though, is that it’s not just an all-mountain stick. Rather, it has freestyle capabilities, too. With versatility like this, riding aggressively is a cinch.

As you’d expect on a traditional women’s snowboard, the Klassy is loaded with a C2X camber profile. More specifically, it’s hybrid-camber, with rocker in the center, and camber underfoot.

Sliding out when you’re tearing it up is downright unpleasant. With Magne-Traction® technology, though, you’re covered via seven-points-of-contact.

This is where the Klassy differs from traditional boards: Classic decks have two points-of-contact. When you lose them, you’re SOL. With seven points-of-contact, however, you’re far more likely to stay riding, without a fall.

Designed by the pro, Kaitlyn Farrington, this model boasts a brand new directional twin shape. It also features a setback stance built-for-powder, along with a medium flex.

Cruising around’s easy breezy, with the aforementioned camber profile. Tear it up on practically any terrain, for a comfortable, fun ride.

Did I mention the awesome price? Amazing, seriously. Quality and price pair up in the Gnu Klassy.

Available in: 145, 148, 151, 155

Buy the Gnu Klassy here.

2. DC Ply – $239.97 – $266.30

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Rides extremely well in almost any terrain
  • Fabulous price
  • Super stable & maneuverable, even at high speeds
  • Can throw down in the park – landings are smooth
  • Stiffer than other boards – difficult to butter
  • Doesn’t come in huge size range

DC is one of those companies you’ve definitely heard of, but might not have been aware of their presence in the snowboard industry.

After all, they’re well-known for their impact in the skate world, especially with shoes for skateboarding. Well, they brought that same A game to snowboarding.

The DC Ply is a must-have, in terms of snowboards for women.

Back when I lived in Breckenridge, I was in the market for a new deck, but had been waffling for weeks about which one I wanted.

Finally, a buddy with a nasty-high knowledge of snowboarding gear convinced me that DC was a truly phenomenal choice. I’m glad he smacked me into my senses, because this baby is truly a joy to ride–to this day. Naturally, things have improved even more since my original purchase.

Adapted from the men’s line, the Ply is everything you could want, in terms of a camber profile. With traditional camber throughout, and flat underfoot, it provides an unmatched level of stability.

Whether you prefer to send it off some backcountry drops, or prefer to tear up the park, landings are smooth on even the biggest hits.

On the flip side, though, if you’re more of a rails-, boxes-, or wood-type of rider, the Ply is a top-notch choice, too. Moreover, its twin shape is built for landings in either direction, making switch riding easy as pie.

While technically billed as a medium-flex, it does take some serious leg muscles to really bend into it. Buttering is very-difficult at best–something I can personally attest to.

Even though it may not be the flexiest snowboard in the planet, it provides loads of stability and maneuverability.

Cambered profiles are a classic, but this baby has forgiveness, thanks to the flat sections in the tail and nose.

You’ll be thrilled riding it, and your wallet will be pleased you didn’t drop a whole paycheck. Win-win.

Available in: 142, 146, 150

Buy the DC Ply here.

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3. CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy – $221.97 – $369.95

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Built for helping riders progress in the park
  • Super poppy deck, makes big air a breeze–and fun!
  • One of Transworld Snowboarding’s top women’s park decks
  • Fantastic size-range
  • Landings can feel washy or a bit unbalanced

When it comes to snowboards–not just snowboards for women–there’s one source you can always trust: Transworld Snowboarding.

By far, they’re the most-trusted snowboarding gear magazine in circulation. In fact, they’ve been ranking and rating snowboards, since their inception in 1987.

Their team works hand-in-hand with pros (many of who are on-site staffers), to determine the year’s best snow sports equipment. So, when something makes their list, you know it’s well-past-top-notch.

That’s exactly how you should view the CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy. As a matter of fact, it’s made the Good Wood awards (Transworld Snowboarding’s “best of” list) 4-consecutive-years-in-a-row.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know a single other women’s deck that can boast this impressive feat.

As a park board, it’s meant to let out your inner-trick-loving-side. Of course, snowboards for the park vary greatly.

This particular model, however, exudes super poppy and precise qualities. It’s so poppy, in fact, you may feel like you’re rocketing into outer space (hence the name…). Spinning is a cinch.

That poppiness is defined by a medium-flex-build. In other words, you can hardcore butter, but still have that strong lift you need for big air.

While many women’s park snowboards are a solid all-around deck, not all are built for jibs. This baby defies that notion, locking in jibs like it’s its job.

It has a reverse camber profile, with rocker in the nose and tail, and flat in the center. Thanks to this combination, you’ll have a forgiving, easy ride.

As a snowboard for the park, you’d expect it to have a twin shape. It has just that, to make landing regular or switch a breeze.

Learning new tricks can be downright scary. Luckily, the CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy aids in your continued progression, so you don’t get hung up on worrying.

Capita produces some solid decks for a solid price, and this puppy’s no exception. You’ll be happy as a park-loving clam.

Available in: 141, 143, 145, 147, 149, 151, 153

Buy the CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy here.

4. Rome Heist – $196.34 – $335.99

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Rome has amazing customer service – break a deck & they’ll replace it
  • Rides phenomenally on all-terrain
  • Rome 2.0 Camber profile – floaty & playful, but very responsive
  • Loaded with QuickRip Sidecut Technology – easy riding at low- & high-speeds
  • Not ideal for beginners

Hands-down, without a doubt, Rome is by far one of the best snowboarding brands on the planet. Why? It has amazing customer service.

Yeah, there are a number of snow sports companies that boast this, but Rome truly follows through.

Quick anecdote: That same buddy from above, is a big boy, with lots of power. He’s no stranger to breaking snowboards. During one four-month period, he sent back three snowboards to Rome. Yes. THREE.

And Rome sent a replacement for each and every one–no questions asked. Regardless of whether he contacted them in-person, or via phone or email, they took care of him.

So, if you’re concerned about warranty or customer service in your snowboarding gear, then you need to go with a Rome snowboard. The Rome Heist is your best bet.

Finding the perfect all-terrain stick can be a challenge. It needs to have a medium-to-stiff flex, and a true freestyle-inspired twin shape. You’ll find them both in the Heist.

The camber profile is rocker 2.0 camber. In layman’s terms, this means there’s rocker between-the-feet, to make contact with the snow–even when you’re not standing on the board. The nose and tail feature positive camber.

In combination, this camber profile creates a super playful deck, with enough float for ultra-responsiveness on powder days.

Owing to QuickRip Sidecut Technology, Rome’s rocker boards do two things:

  • Allow maneuverability at slow-speeds
  • Have power and precision at high-speeds

In order to make this happen, they use two off-set side cuts to create three sections: In the nose, between the feet, and in the tail.

Where the two-end-pieces meet the middle portion, they create Mid-Board Contact Points. In simple terms, they work by giving the board fine-tuned-control at low-speeds, as well as grippiness for precise power at faster-speeds.

Keep in mind, this won’t give you a ton of pressiness, but it allows you to carve like a dream, and breezily land big air.

That same landing stability carries over into high-speed riding. You feel like you can rip it with confidence on the Rome Heist.

As a twin-shape snowboard, it’s built for switch riding. Should that be on your agenda this season, you’ll easily transition into riding on both sides–a necessity to shine in the park.

If you’re at an intermediate-level-of-riding, the Rome Heist is your perfect board for slashing some pow, ripping some groomers, and stomping some big air.

Available in: 138, 142, 146, 150

Buy the Rome Heist here.

5. K2 Wildheart – $289 – $431.99

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Practically built for tree riding on powder days (but still an all-mountain deck!)
  • Rides like a surfboard – controlled & maneuverable
  • Performs well on ice & hardpack – great edges
  • Turning is a cinch
  • Very small size range
  • Not ideal for newbies

When you’re a snowboarder, there’s a good chance you enjoy other deck-related sports, like surfing, skateboarding, and even longboarding.

So, it’s not a big stretch to be in the market for a snowboard deck that matches one of these styles of riding.

Surf-style riding is easily the most popular of the aforementioned styles. Get that same on-wave feeling, with the K2 Wildheart.

In a slight-design-twist, this baby is built to be shorter and more nimble, to better mimic a modern surfboard.

Moreover, it boasts a Directional Camber Baseline™, with rocker in the tip and tail, and camber between-the-feet. This creates a feeling of extra floatiness.

Pair the aforementioned technology with K2’s Tweekend™ tech, and you’ll encounter easy cornering (quickly changing directions) and edging.

Even more, Carbon Torque Forks add in additional oomph, for powerful exits from turns, as well as stability at higher-speeds.

On top of that, the deck itself has a stiffer flex–although it still lands in the middle at an approximate 5/10 rating–and is made of lightweight materials.

In combination, these qualities provide the perfect basis for a powder ride, while also hitting features across every terrain on the mountain.

But, it specializes in tree-riding on a powder day. If you love the thrill of a good tree run, you won’t be able to wipe the grin off your face, when you take out the K2 Wildheart for the first time.

As you’d expect in a women’s powder snowboard, it has a decent setback–19mm to be exact. Setback determines how far off your stance is, from the center of the board. The larger the setback, the closer your back foot is to the back of the deck.

The Wildheart also has a 10mm taper. Taper is defined by the difference between the nose-and-tail. The more the taper, the better it is in powder because it makes turns and slashing that much easier.

Spending a ton on a deck is downright scary. Luckily, K2 offers an impressive three-year warranty on this baby–purchase with your mind at-ease.

Word of advice: These boards are built with Volume Shift Directional shape, which allows you to size-down 5-7 cm. Adjust your size accordingly.

Available in: 141, 146, 151

Buy the K2 Wildheart here.

6. Burton Feather – $239.97 – $750.24

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Amazing newbie snowboard – great as you transition to intermediate-riding, too
  • Filet-O-Flex tech gives unheard of flexiness, without compromising on rideability
  • Features The Channel™ – compatible with almost any bindings
  • Lightweight, while providing tons of control
  • Not ideal once you’re past intermediate-riding
  • May chatter at super-high-speeds

No matter what sport you’re interested in, you’ll almost always find equipment that’s built specifically for newbies.

Snowboarding is no exception. In fact, there are set-ups available for riders of all-skill-levels. Some are still great as you move into intermediate territory, too.

The Burton Feather is one of those multi-skill-level snowboards.

Burton is by far the most well-known snowboarding brand on the planet. They produce amazing gear for the whole family: Guys, girls, and kids. When you purchase from Burton, you know you’re getting quality.

This beginner women’s snowboard is no different. At Burton, they see brand spankin’ new riders every single day–and they know how to quell common fears.

As a beginner rider, you want something that’s effortless and helps guide you in the basics. The Feather aids you through this learning process.

I don’t care how athletic you are, you will eat it over-and-over-and-over the first few days you ride. All of us did it. We made it out unharmed, just like you will.

Continued progression is key to your happiness and desire to continue with the sport. That’s why this deck is built with a directional shape and slight taper.

In combo, these qualities guide your deck in the right direction. This is especially important during the falling leaf stage.

Falling leaf is a type of riding where you shift side-to-side, between regular and switch. It indicates your increased level-of-comfort, as you’ve moved past the constantly-wiping-out-stage.

The directional shape and slight taper keep your snowboard pointing the “correct” direction, helping reduce the amount of time you’re doing falling leaf.

Another important beginner’s-quality is the flat-top profile. It’s less-catchy than a camber profile, but still provides a solid edge, for when your skill-level requires it.

You’ll also appreciate the Biax Fiberglass, which gives you a bit of pop for some down-the-road fun, when you’re at a skill-level to enjoy it.

Additionally, with Filet-O-Flex technology the snowboard’s overall profile is thinned-out, and provides an unmatched-level-of-flex. And, it does so without losing responsiveness or pop. Even as a true beginner, you’ll appreciate this quality.

Of course, all of these amazing features are nothing without the rest of your set-up. If you can’t use a solid pair of bindings, well, you’re SOL.

Burton’s always at the forefront of cutting-edge snowboard technology. They recognized the issue that not all decks and bindings are compatible. So, they fixed it with The Channel™.

The Channel™ is a unique binding system, that works with virtually unlimited types of bindings–including non-Burton ones.

With the ultimate flexibility to truly customize your snowboarding set-up, you’ll progress from first-time rider, to seasoned-vet in no time.

Available in: 140, 144, 149, 152, 155

Buy the Burton Feather here.

7. Lib Tech Skate Banana – $499.95

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • True twin shape – riding switch is a breeze
  • Extremely lightweight deck
  • Amazing in any condition – Magne-Traction keeps you from sliding out
  • Built with park-in-mind, but amazing all-terrain board
  • Small size range
  • Technically a unisex board – not a women’s-specific one

Ok, ok, I know. At the beginning of this list, I promised a list of snowboards for women–and only for women.

Take a moment to remember the sport’s history, though. For many years, women’s specific snowboards didn’t exist in any capacity. Instead, women rode smaller men’s snowboards.

I’m not suggesting you go out and rock a massive 163 or anything. No, there are still a number of men’s snowboarding decks that cater to the smaller riders out there. After all, there are small dudes who ride, too.

Lib Tech’s one of them, coming in hot with their most well-known deck: The Skate Banana.

Now, something to keep in mind: These sticks aren’t just regular Skate Bananas. Rather, they’re a narrow version of them.

In other words, while not technically labeled as women’s snowboards, they’re definitely an ideal choice for women. Another word on this: Lib Tech has unisex boards and don’t differentiate between guys’ and girl’s decks.

There’s a reason Lib Tech is consistently one of the best snowboard companies out there. They’re famous for an attention-to-detail, as well as craftsmanship.

The Narrow Skate Banana is built with their Original Power model. So, the deck’s core is a blend of Columbian Gold and Aspen, creating a structured, yet lightweight feel.

As we saw in the Burton Feather, the Skate Banana is also wrapped in a Biax Fiberglass, for added snappiness.

Your snowboard should be able to take a beating, plain and simple. That’s why this Lib Tech deck is finished with UHMW sidewalls, which is the highest-quality polyethylene available. Day-in and day-out, you can hit the mountain hard.

While the materials themselves are impressive, the Skate Banana’s shape and camber profile really push it to the top of the best women’s snowboards.

With a true twin shape, riding switch has never been easier. That means hitting up the park just got a heckuva lot more interesting.

Whether you choose to practice switch riding coming up to some air or in the trees, the forgiving rocker camber profile makes each turn easy.

Snowboarding conditions can range from iced-over-hardpack-to-mushy-mashed-potatoes….in the same day. So, having a snowboard that can handle any condition, is conducive to your happiness and experience.

This versatility is a reality, thanks to Magne-Traction technology. An incredible feature, it creates a serrated, rather than straight edge.

As a rider, you benefit from the number of contact-points. Most snowboards have two. Decks with Magne-Traction have an impressive seven of them. If you lose the original two, you’re covered by five back-ups.

In other more vulgar words, you won’t eat sh*t from sliding out, nearly as often, compared to decks without Magne-Traction.

If you know anything about Lib Tech (and it’s totally ok if you don’t), then you know they’re the masterminds behind Banana Technology.

In essence, ski camber didn’t quite transfer over to snowboards. So, Lib Tech re-engineered camber, to include slight rocker between the feet, and a specific amount of camber at the contact points.

What this does, is bring life to the middle of your deck. Whereas a traditional camber essentially renders it a “dead zone”. With camber out to the tail and tips, it:

  • Fine-tunes the specific pressure points
  • Increases pop
  • Ups stability at the tip and tail
  • Amps up control and precision.

Regardless of whether you opt to rip it in the park, slay some powder, or tear up a groomer, you’re fully-prepared with this awesome “women’s” snowboard.

Available in: 145, 148, 151

Buy the Lib Tech Skate Banana here.

8. Jones Dream Flagship – $599

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Technically all-mountain, but shines in backcountry freeriding
  • Handles amazingly in powder – even heavy powder
  • Rocker in nose & tail with camber between feet – very powerful & predictable
  • Can absolutely bomb it
  • More expensive than other decks
  • Not ideal for beginner or intermediate riders

As you progress as a rider, you’ll start to enjoy certain types of riding more than others. Whether you prefer the park, groomers, chutes, or anything else, you may eventually want a board specific to those features.

Freeriding is one of the more extreme types of snowboarding. Frequently called side- or backcountry, or off-piste, if you’re a bit more old-school. Amongst younger riders, though, it’s also referred to as big mountain, if you’re going ultra-backcountry.

In other words, you’re not hitting groomers–you’re taking on whatever natural features and types of snow Mother Nature throws your way.

If you’re interested in tackling this type of terrain, then the Jones Dream Flagship is your best bet.

When something’s deemed a “flagship”, it holds extra importance. In fact, it refers to a group’s most important or best thing. The Dream truly lives up to its namesake.

Based on the men’s model, it’s built similarly, but is a bit flexier. Despite this softer flex, it’s still on the stiffer-end-of-the-spectrum.

A directional twin shape allows you to strap in and freakin’ bomb it. No matter the terrain, this puppy can handle it.

If you love to carve, but also are a big fan of powder, you know how difficult it is to find a deck that kills it in both of these conditions. Well, this Jones snowboard does just that.

With rocker in the nose and tail, and camber in the center, this snowboard is the epitome of power and predictability. Moreover, it maintains a catch-free ride, during switch landings and turn initiations.

On those always-loved powder days, the wide nose shines through, allowing you to plow through the pow–even when the fluff’s a bit heavy.

Technically an all-mountain snowboard, it truly shines in the fresh unknown, of both in-and out-of-bounds riding. Should you opt for some chutes or big drops, landing is solid and thrilling.

Any advanced rider would appreciate the amazingness that is the Jones Dreamcatcher Flagship.

Available in: 144, 148, 152, 154, 156

Buy the Jones Dream Flagship here.

9. Burton Story Board – $419.95

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Freeride snowboard through-and-through
  • Directional shape, but feels like twin with Balanced Freeride Geometry
  • Easy to trust the board – provides responsive, controlled ride
  • Very lightweight overall
  • Not ideal for beginner or intermediate riders
  • VERY small size range

When it comes to the best women’s snowboards, there’s a good chance you’ll see some brand repeats. After all, when you produce something amazing, you tend to produce more than one amazing product.

In this case, Burton’s popping up for a second time. As one of the top innovators in the industry, they’re constantly releasing new lines.

Thus, the Burton Story Board was born.

Like the Jones Dream Flagship we saw above, this baby was built for freeridng. This is pretty apparent from the get-go.

The shape’s a dead giveaway–hey there, crescent tail. After closer inspection, the setback camber and 10mm taper provide other visual cues.

Loaded with Balanced Freeride Geometry, it provides a similar feeling to a standard twin board. More technically, the sidecut and binding reference points are set back, so your feet sit in the middle of the side cut.

You still have more nose than tail, but when you’re not ripping turns, this feature makes it more freestyle-friendly, than other boards in this set of Burton decks. The emblazoned Family Tree logo indicates its place in Burton’s premium pow-chasing line.

While tearing up the park may not be your best bet, hitting some air is definitely to your advantage. This baby kills it, whether you’re sending off a small kicker inbounds, or going big with a cliff drop in the backcountry.

On top of that, this deck’s been layered with carbon, to compliment the fiberglass. In turn, this prevents the board from being too torsionally stiff.

A lightweight core is made even lighter, with a process using varying thicknesses of wood, in order to increase pop. This core also improves overall stability.

Regardless of the snow condition, you’ll have a responsive, snappy ride. You can put your trust in this snowboard, and it’ll give back exactly what you want.

And as an aggressive freerider, you want the Burton Story Board.

Available in: 147, 151

Buy the Burton Story Board here.

10. Rossignol Diva LF – $329.99

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • All-mountain snowboard, with freestyle tendencies
  • 5S Serrated Edge Technology provides grippy, serrated edges
  • 6 x 2 pattern setback allows for super customized stances
  • Lightweight, so tricks are easy, but landings are stable, too
  • May be too much of a park-like board

Look, you don’t get to snowboard very often. Purchasing ride-specific set-ups just really isn’t realistic, for your budget, nor the amount of times you hit the mountain-per-season.

You’re in the market for an all-mountain snowboard. One where you can tear it up on some groomers, rip it in pow, and even hit a rail or two in the park.

Look no further than the Rossignol Diva LF. No matter the terrain, this baby will get you there.

As a true twin board, you have the ability to ride both regular and switch. That means if you want to go a bit more freestyle, you’re able to do so.

With symmetrical flex from tip-to-tail, it provides a balanced, predictable ride, owing to the stiffer underfoot and softer waist.

More specifically, there’s a 60% camber between the feet, and 40% rocker at the tips. In combination, these lay way for catch-free landings and spins. And, they incrase pop and stability, thus adding to that freestyle game.

The aforementioned stiffness makes ollies more powerful, turns more precise, and increases stability at high-speeds.

Lite Frame Technology adds a urethane strip around the circumference of the deck, tip-to-tail. This addition increases full-length shock absorption, and enhances maneuverability. In other words, you’re riding smooth with tons of control.

Similar to Magne-Traction technology, Rossi offers the 5S Serrated Edge Technology. It has five smaller points-of-contact, which expand the snowboard’s overall grip and stability, while reducing the aggressive feel.

As far as binding compatibility goes, it features a 6 x 2 pattern and setback. This allows you to micro-adjust your stance, for more leverage.

Should a powder day appear, you can set your stance back. Or, if you’re feeling the park, you can set-up in the middle.

Despite its lightweight feel, it provides solid, reassuring landings. That lightness allows you to really whip it on spins.

For the ultimate all-mountain women’s snowboard, you need the Rossignol Diva LF.

Available in: 140, 144, 148, 152

Of course the Diva LF isn’t the only all-terrain deck. Give these all-mountain snowboards a look, for more options.

Buy the Rossignol Diva LF here.

11. Jones Solution Splitboard – $768.95

snowboards for women


Pros: Cons:
  • Improved clips & hardware – increases torsional stiffness
  • Made with eco-friendly materials & practices
  • Triax fiberglass increases responsiveness & precision
  • Very powerful with catch-free edges & turns
  • Very expensive
  • Not for beginners
  • Small size range

Splitboards actually have a really cool history. There are a number of mountains that don’t allow snowboarders, even to this day.

Way back when, though, there were a ton more that didn’t allow you to ride–only ski. Naturally, snowboarders weren’t having it. Thus, the splitboard was born.

While they’ve been around since the mid-90s, splitboards have only recently come into the majority of the public’s awareness.

Because of this, we’re finally seeing a number of splitboards hit the market. In the past, there were only a few models–mostly men’s models, at that.

Well, if you’re looking to rock a women’s splitboard this season, without a doubt, you need the Jones Solution Splitboard.

In true Jones Snowboard fashion, the bottom graphics are flip-flopped, in order to reduce waste. In turn, this increases material yield.

They strive to achieve the most eco-friendly business practices. So, they’ve switched to recycled plastic, for all decks. Unfortunately, plastic is a necessary evil in snowboards. But, they’ve found the most “sustainable” material possible.

In that same recyclability vein, like every other board in the Jones line, the Solution is made with oversized, recycled steel edges. Not only does this increase sustainability, but it also ups the durability.

Expect nothing-less, when it comes to a Jones. Those edges aren’t just any edges. Rather, they’re Magne-Traction edges, boasting that impressive seven-points-of-contact. Gripping the snow’s never been easier.

Focusing back on their environmental-friendliness game: This splitboard’s topsheet is made from castor beans. Not only is it eco-friendly, it’s also:

  • Ultralight
  • Scratch- & chip-resistant
  • Water- & snow-repellant

That last bit is important because it means snow sticks less to the topsheet.

Speaking of material, this baby’s made with Triax fiberglass. In other words, it’s constructed with multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate.

What that means for your riding, is increased responsiveness and precision, regardless of the terrain or snow conditions.

It’s a splitboard. Like, duh. Thanks, Captain Obvious. Remember: You need to attach the two-pieces somehow. Luckily, Jones is never short on cutting-edge, highly-functional snowboard technology.

The Quick Tension Tail Clip works in tandem with the a small notch cut into each ski’s tail. From there, the clip slides into the notch, and secures to the skin–boom. Nice and easy.

On top of this, the Solution also features a bolt-less bridge. In essence, it eliminates the split clip attachment hardware, by re-engineering the wood core at the clips. This adds torsional stiffness, with a more powerful connection at the split clips.

The shape itself is a blunt nose, with a progressive side cut. A blunt nose gives you that same “snow plow” quality, without the added weight of a rounded tip.

Thanks to gradual sidecuts, by increasing the radius towards the nose’s contact point, turn initiation and exits make transitions smoother.

This baby’s built as a directional rocker. With a hybrid camber/rocker flex pattern, it’s definitely defined by more tip, than tail rocker. The camber underfoot, however, gives awesome edge-hold and -response.

In combination, this slightly-rockered tail boasts the same stability and power, as that of a traditional board. But, it ensures the tail’s catch-free, when landing switch and initiating turns.

There’s a reason it’s the best selling women’s splitboard in the world: It far-exceeds expectations. Take your riding experience to unheard of levels.

Available in: 148, 152, 156

Buy the Jones Solution Splitboard here.

Jones Snowboards 2018 Women's SolutionStill the best selling splitboard in the world, the Women’s Solution delivers unrivaled backcountry performance in any terrain. The blunt nose, directional rocker profile and inner/outer edge Traction Tech keep you locked in and gliding fast no matter where you roam. For improved ECO-performance, the Solution features an ECO-plastic topsheet. The topsheet is made from…2017-09-06T08:12:25.000Z

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