How to Do Dele Alli’s Goal Celebration Gesture

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Getty For a soccer player, Alli is not supposed to be this good with his hands.

It’s the summer of Dele Alli.

First, he was a part of an England squad that made a deep run at the 2018 World Cup. Now he’s back with his teammates at Tottenham Hotspur, and he’s brought with him a brand-new goal celebration.

Alli debuted the move after scoring in Tottenham’s first win of the season over Newcastle. While it may seem simple, the move has gone semi-viral, with fans all around the globe trying to replicate the maneuver.

Snapchat and Instagram stories of Spurs players feature Alli trying to teach his teammates the move, mostly to no avail.

If you’re snooping around the internet looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the comprehensive guide to mastering Alli’s goal celebration.

1) Make a “Three” With Your Left Hand

The starting position is simple enough. Make a ring with your thumb and your forefinger, keeping your other fingers out like you were signaling the number three. Keep the ring pointed to the sky, like you’re trying to catch a friend in The Circle Game.

2) Touch Your Fingers to Your Palm

This is the key. This is what makes the move so perplexing.

In order to get your thumb and finger in the right position to nail the pose, touch the bottom of your palm with your three fingers, While this doesn’t exactly help you replicate the move, it’s necessary to getting your thumb and forefinger in position to execute the pose.

3) Rotate Your Wrist & Raise Hand to Your Forehead

Now that your fingers are down, your hand is ready to go over your eye. Twist your wrist on the way up, and press the back of your fingers against your forehead. Line up your eye with your thumb and finger and you’re basically Dele Alli.

Now go impress your friends and your coworkers.

Alli and Spurs return to action Saturday against Fulham.

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