PGA Championship Playoff & Tiebreaker Rules 2018: What Happens If Golfers Tie?

pga championship

Getty Tiger Woods may find himself in a playoff at the 2018 PGA Championship.

What happens if golfers are tied on Sunday at the PGA Championship after all four days of play have been completed? In this scenario, there will be a playoff between all the golfers who are tied for first. The playoff serves as a three-hole aggregate as National Club Golfer describes immediately following the final round of play.

The format for the PGA Championship play-off is a three hole aggregate strokeplay and is played as soon as the final players finish their fourth round. The player with the lowest score after the three holes is the winner.

In the event that the players still can’t be separated then they will enter a sudden death play-off until a winner can be determined.

In other words, the golfer with the lowest score after those three holes will win. If golfers are still tied after the three holes, the playoff would enter a sudden death format where a winner would be declared if someone is ahead after each completed hole.

It has been a stellar final day of play at the 2018 PGA Championship as Tiger Woods remained in contention for the win. Brooks Koepka and Adam Scott also set the pace for the rest of the field. We shall see if a playoff is needed, and if Woods can end his drought. As Justin Thomas noted on CBS after he was finished, this was the first time many of the young golfers have felt the “Tiger Effect” of the legendary golfer chasing them down.

If a playoff is needed, it would take place on holes 16-18.

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