Becky Lynch Takes Shot At Charlotte’s Breast Injury Becky and Charlotte Twitter beef

If you come for the queen you best not miss. Normally, references to “The Queen” in the WWE are reserved for Charlotte Flair. However, she has been usurped by Becky Lynch, who is on a meteoric rise to the top of the WWE’s dog-eat-dog food chain. We’re mixing up all kinds of sayings today.

On December 16, the two women are scheduled to clash, along with Asuka, in a Triple-Threat match at WWE TLC. Lynch’s Smackdown women’s title will be on the line. On Friday, the two women traded barbs and again, Lynch seemed to land the kill shot. Charlotte made a reference to Lynch missing time due to the real-life fractured face and concussion she suffered at the hands of Nia Jax during the last episode of Raw before last month’s Survivor Series.

Jax mistakenly connected with the punch and it left Lynch battered and bloodied, but unrelenting as she finished her scene and used the bloody image to further her appeal with fans.

Lynch isn’t standing for any trash from Charlotte as she quickly took aim at her opponent’s last injury in this tweet:

Charlotte missed time earlier this year when both of her breast implants ruptured during a match. I’m not sure why her foes continue to take their beef with Lynch to the Twitter streets. The self-proclaimed “Man” keeps forcing them all to tap out with her arm-wrangling and suffocating social media game.

She’s got this thing mastered and their swipes only set Lynch up to go by them like Kyrie Irving on the drive against a helpless defender. Lynch continues to prove that if they, she’ll teach. I suppose none of us should be complaining because Lynch’s social media and on-screen activity is the best thing going in the WWE today.

In light of that, carry on ladies. We’ll just watch and enjoy. WWE TLC is Sunday, December 16 in San Jose, and it can be seen on the WWE Network or through your local cable provider via pay-per-view.

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