Josh Gordon Raves about Patriots Strength Staff

Josh Gordon

Getty Images New England Patriots WR Josh Gordon

The road to success hasn’t been all that pleasant for New England Patriots wide receiver, Josh Gordon. We all know the stories. The countless amounts of times that Gordon seemed to be finished. The former Cleveland Browns wide receiver couldn’t seem to get it together. Constant suspensions from the NFL and multiple dismissals from the Browns themselves gave Gordon nothing but obstacles to overcome. And just as everything was getting back to where it should’ve been in the first place, the Browns had enough.

This season has been hectic for Cleveland. After bringing in their new General Manager, John Dorsey, the Browns were attempting to turn things around quickly. Trades, signings, and incredible drafting led to an excellent offseason for the Browns and their front office. And to put the cherry on top, the team ended up getting Gordon back for good, as long he was truly changed and willing to avoid any other setbacks from the league.

Unfortunately, Dorsey and the Browns had enough. After having a ton of patience for the troubled wideout, a late arrival to a team meeting was the last straw for Cleveland. And one way or another, Gordon was going to be forced out of Cleveland. That’s when the Patriots decided to spend a fifth-round pick on the veteran wide receiver. If there’s one organization that should be able to help Gordon turn things around, it’s the Patriots.

Gordon Is Right Where He Belongs

Ever since Gordon joined the Patriots, he has been a changed man. You don’t hear about him as often, and it seems like a change of scenery was the best thing that could happen to the veteran wideout. But just because he’s been awfully quiet, doesn’t mean that he isn’t enjoying his time winning with Tom Brady and the Patriots.

There have been multiple occasions where Gordon has shaded Cleveland a bit by talking up the Patriots and their organization. Being a no non-sense team is precisely what Gordon needed after having so many years with the front office, and locker room circus that was the Cleveland Browns. Although the Browns have seemed to change a lot over this past year, Gordon still describes the difference between the two teams as ‘night and day.’

The Patriots Have the Wideout as Healthy as Ever

“It’s night and day,” Gordon said. “Huge difference. Coach [Moses] Cabrera and the strength staff have been amazing and patient with me, helped me out through my injuries. The training staff, as well, bring me along where I’m safe and mobile. I think I’m as good as I’ve been.”

Gordon’s issues in Cleveland came from more of a mental standpoint, rather than physical, but he still experienced some troubles at times. This season, Gordon was dealing with hamstring issues when he arrived from the Browns. And in order to get the most of Gordon, the Patriots made sure to condition him differently and keep him as healthy as possible. Gordon stayed on track and is now raving about the Patriots strength staff from in the locker room.

Add the former Browns receiver’s newest comments to another section of the Patriots organization that may be better than Cleveland’s. Apparently, Gordon doesn’t seem to have any revengeful thoughts towards the Browns, but it’s definitely not shocking to see a player rave about another team so much after leaving Cleveland. After all, we all know why that happens exactly.


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