Seahawks Playoff Picture: Scenarios for Seattle to Make Postseason

Russell Wilson

Getty The Seahawks have a good chance to make the NFL playoffs.

With the Redskins’ loss on Saturday night, the Seattle Seahawks playoff picture just got a lot clearer. The Seahawks need to win just one of their remaining two games to make the playoffs per The Seattle Times. A win against either the Chiefs or Cardinals will send the Seahawks into the postseason.

The Seahawks have an opportunity to clinch a playoff berth tonight with a win over the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football. A loss to the Chiefs means the Seahawks are not out of the playoff race but would need to take care of business in Week 17.

Regardless of the situation, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has no plans to take the foot off the gas pedal.

“No, absolutely not,” Carroll explained to The Seattle Times. “If we couldn’t clinch, we might do what? No. Whatever that is no. We’re going to try and win a football game and we’ll do whatever we can.”

Here is what you need to know about the Seahawks playoff picture.

The Seahawks Can Make the Playoffs by Winning 1 of Their Last 2 Games

How can the Seahawks clinch a playoff berth? Seattle needs a win over either the Chiefs or Cardinals. If the Seahawks lost both games, they would need some help from the Eagles, Redskins and Vikings.

Seahawks Can Finish No Higher Than the No. 5 Seed in the NFC

The Rams have already clinched the NFC West. Since the division winners are locked into the first four seeds, the Seahawks will need one of the two NFC Wild Card spots to head to the postseason. This means if the Seahawks make the postseason they would either be the No. 5 or No. 6 seed.

Seattle Will Not Have Home-field Advantage in the NFL Playoffs

If the Seahawks make the playoffs, they would likely face either the Bears or Cowboys on Wild Card weekend. Seattle would be the road team in either matchup. The Seahawks only chance to host a playoff game would be if they end up as the No. 5 seed and played the No. 6 seed in the NFC Championship.