WATCH: Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Carried Out of Super Bowl

Dave Portnoy

Getty Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy

It seems the NFL may have gone to extended lengths to keep Barstool Sports out of the 2019 Super Bowl. Or at the very least, they made sure the website’s president Dave Portnoy wasn’t allowed to stay for the whole game. At what appears to be halftime of the New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams matchup, Barstool revealed the video of Portnoy being carried out.

The website didn’t have much luck at Super Bowl media day either, as they were apparently kicked out of that also. To make matters worse, Portnoy, who’s a big Patriots fan, was seemingly removed from media day just before the Patriots arrived.

As seen above, Portnoy was wearing an “I <3 Goodell” hat, since he had to go to the event in a disguise due to a ban from the league.

Barstool Sports Banned From NFL Events

As Jeremy Layton of the New York Post detailed, Barstool was given a ban from NFL events in 2015 after Portnoy and three employees got arrested at league headquarters for a protest over Deflategate. They used fake credentials to get into media day, but obviously, the plan didn’t exactly pan out as they had surely hoped.

It appears both men created fake credentials to get into the Super Bowl’s media night. Portnoy tweeted a picture of his, a fake NFL Media employee named “Frannie Lydon,” aka Portnoy with a fake mustache and a hat that says “I <3 Goodell.”

While Portnoy was removed from the pre-Super Bowl festivities, he revealed in a NSFW video after that he had been charged with criminal trespassing. Beyond that, the man known as PFT Commenter (Eric Sollenberger) was also removed, and he told TMZ that was arrested for criminal trespassing as well.

Barstool Founder Has Big Bet on Super Bowl?

There’s been plenty said on social media about the reported situation with Portnoy being removed. And to take it one step further, It’s unknown exactly if this tweet from Big Cat of Barstool is about Portnoy, but it seems likely.

I’m not sure anyone can really imagine how that feels, because that’s an unreal amount of stress, especially since he almost certainly has the bet on his team, only adding to it.

For what it’s worth, Portnoy did make it known even before the Super Bowl that he would be in attendance. He tweeted a newspaper headline which quoted him saying he’d be at the big game and even tagged NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

We’ll update this post and provide any additional info on the situation as it comes to light, but there likely won’t be much until after the game wraps up.

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